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St. Croix County: Recycle those electronics June 12

Old televisions like these contain heavy metals, including up to 8 pounds of lead, which can be recovered and used in new products. Submitted photo

All St. Croix County residents are invited to participate in the first of two Electronics Collection 2010 events on Saturday June 12, from 9-noon, at the St Croix County Government Center in Hudson, 1101 Carmichael Rd.

All electronic items will be accepted for a fee including: monitors or complete computers (monitor, CPU, keyboard) for $15; desktop printers $3-$5; televisions $15-$25 depending on size; VCRs $3; and microwaves $15.

Other items accepted include, but are not limited to, cell phones, fax machines, circuit boards, laptops, stereo equipment, small home electronic devices, and gaming systems and will be collected for a fee ($3-$25) based on size. Cash and checks are accepted forms of payment.

Small businesses may also participate but must pre-register for the collection by calling the St Croix County Recycling Program.

For more information or a map to the event, go to the Calendar of Events page at or contact the St Croix County Recycling Program at 386-4675 or