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River Falls manager charged for negligently shooting employee after missing a bird at cookie-making factory

He was on the hunt for pesky birds in the rafters. One landed on the floor. The plant manager allegedly got down, lay low, fired bird shot from a rifle but missed the bird. However, according to a River Falls police report and a criminal complaint, an employee was hit in the back of the head.

A felony charge for injury by negligent handling of a dangerous weapon was filed against the 29-year-old plant manager of Best Maid Cookie in the River Falls industrial park.

The alleged misfired shoot, deemed an accident, occurred Dec. 14.

The victim is a 28-year-old Baldwin man who had just started working at Best Maid.

He claimed he was about ready to toss some cookie dough into a bin when he felt something like a bee sting above his ear. He also claimed to extract a tiny piece of lead from his head.

The alleged shooter, the plant manager, was unaware of what happened. He thought he'd just missed the stray bird and walked off.

The injured employee said he remained at his post for almost another hour because he wasn't allowed to leave his cookie machine unattended.

During break time he drove to the police station to report his version of the incident. He later was checked out by a doctor at the Baldwin Medical Center.

Police say they got excellent cooperation from Best Maid Cookie officials during the shooting investigation.

For more on this story, please see the Feb. 9 print edition of the River Falls Journal.