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Hudson Mower Doctor's clients still have someone to turn to

Mike Brew fixes just about anything that runs. He is now serving Hudson Mower Doctor's clients.1 / 2
In his spare time Mike Brew enjoys creating unique birdhouses as well.2 / 2

A few years ago Mike Brew retired from driving truck and warehouse work. He discovered that he was not destined to relax. He started repairing small engines, a skill he's had since his youth.

"I always did this," said Brew, who tinkered with snowmobiles, 4-wheelers and motorcycles while he was growing up. Brew, a St. Paul native, has lived in Hudson for seven years.

He started to help people out with their small engines repair needs just to make some extra money.

"It's almost full-time work now," said Brew, who worked for two years as an independent contractor for Dr. Robert Snyder, who owned the Hudson Mower Doctor. Snyder died unexpectedly in August of 2011. His wife Ann wanted to keep the business going, since they had a client list that included over 4,000 names from a wide regional area.

"Ann, Robert's wife, asked if I wanted to continue on doing repairs, pick-up and delivery," said Brew who was one of three sub-contractors working for Snyder at the time of his passing. "We continued that arrangement for a year. In August she decided it was time to shut it down."

Weary of people coming and going from her home, Ann did not want customers to be disappointed so she and Brew agreed that he would continue the service and care that the Hudson Mower Doctor was known for.

Brew has contacted all of Snyder's clients letting them know, they can still enjoy the quality response. Doug Kirchner, one of the sub-contractors that worked for Snyder is now working for Brew.

"Basically, we will work on anything that has a motor," said Brew. That includes mowers, snowblowers, trimmers, leaf blowers, generators, riding mowers and chainsaws. He also offers blade sharpening. Service also includes pick-up and delivery of items in need of repair.

"This business is up and down and all weather related," said Brew. In the meantime, Ann Snyder, relieved of the stress of running the business now has time to pursue her passion, creating custom ordered stained-glass creations.

"I would still rather have Robert around," said Brew, who, for years, has had his own business Mike's Small Engine Repair.

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