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Vine Street Studio coming soon

Jane Nichol, left, and Lisa Townsend sit in front of Vine Street Florist building. Townsend bought the building and the two are collaborating on developing it as both a retail gallery and a studio for each of them.

Dreams do come true, especially if you are Jane Nichol and Lisa Townsend.

"We were dreaming about a place like this," said Nichol, whose business, the Stone Soup Gallery, was formerly located in the old Hudson post office building.

"This place has so much character," said Townsend. "When the price was right we (Townsend and her husband) decided to buy it. We will be able to have our workshops/studios and retail under the same roof."

Each of four artists will have separate studio space in the building. Townsend creates mosaic, collage or assemblage and functional art. Nichol creates fine jewelry as well as vintage inspired jewelry which is affordable and fun. Joining them will be Ann Karr, whose specialty is whimsical collages and paintings, and Leslie Anne who also creates collages, beaded jewelry and "up-cycled" dolls.

"I am glad to be back in Hudson," said Nichol, who has generated art buzz for years, not only in Hudson but also in her gallery in Hammond.

"We are so excited to be in this building -- everything about it screams art," said Townsend.

Since they have been working on the building, many people have stopped to share historic stories about the days when the building was a room and boarding house and when it was a grocery store.

Townsend readily states that her artistic endeavors started in earnest, when she gave up drinking.

"Jane gave me tiles to work with," said Townsend. "I had to keep my hands busy." The result was Townsend found a niche which appears to have a genetic base.

"I come from a huge 'artsy family' and it is fun to being doing something you love," said Townsend.

The building was the home of Vine Street Florist for over three decades. The late Jim Stewart owned it from 1980 until he sold it to Anita Penman in 1993. Penman owned and operated it until her death in October of 2011.

"I think a lot of people will be happy for us," said Nichol. "Many have expressed they feel Anita would be pleased with what we are doing."

The new lettering for the sign is expected to arrive soon. Vine Street Studio is expected to open in mid-November.