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St. Croix Animal Friends is moving forward

The St. Croix Animal Friends Board of Directors met with fundraising consultant Rob Schultz on March 26 to continue the implementation of plans to mount a capital campaign this year. Left to right are Nette Jenkins, treasurer; Diana Neubarth, founder and president; Rob Schultz, consultant; Vicki Donatell, secretary; and Patricia Bruhn, vice-president. Submitted photo

With the guidance and expertise from Rob Schultz, St. Croix Animal Friends is preparing to launch a capital campaign to finance the building of a Humane Society Adoption and Education Shelter in Roberts. Since 2010 SCAF has owned the 6.5 acres of land on which the shelter will be built.

Schultz, who has 20 years of fundraising experience in the non-profit sector including as a capital campaign director, will guide SCAF through the development and execution of the campaign.

"There is a lot of work to be done, but it's a very exciting time for SCAF," Schultz said.

The capital campaign is a large undertaking for SCAF. As planning, preparation, and the campaign itself move forward, there are many opportunities for volunteers to use their skills and talents to make the shelter a reality.

If you are interested in learning more about SCAF or volunteer opportunities, go to or email