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Senator Ron Johnson is on a mission to share the facts-to inform citizens

Senator Ron Johnson shared important facts with the audience Friday morning using a power point presentation.

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson visited Hudson early April 5 to share what he considers critical information for citizens to understand before the country can move forward.

He likened the situation to the first step of a 12-step program -- recognizing there is a problem.

"Far too many politicians won't acknowledge the problem," said Johnson. "We are waging war on our children and our grandchildren."

The current debt on every single individual is over $50,000.

Johnson's presentation included a power-point presentation in which graphs were used to illustrate the history and future path of a number of budget concerns including social security, college costs, poverty and interest rates.

See the Hudson Star-Observer's April 11 edition for the complete story. You may also visit the senator's website to see a number of presentations, some which go into more depth than time allowed Friday morning. It is

Sen. Johnson answered questions from the audience as well.