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Tickle your taste buds at Cherry Berry, grand opening tomorrow

Owners of the newest frozen yogurt shop in Hudson. Cherry Berry is located in Prairie View Center, 816 Carmichael Road. Margaret Ontl photo.

Family ties bring Cherry Berry to Hudson. Larry Norheim was born and raised in Bismarck, N.D., never leaving, except during the four years he served in the United States Navy. He and his wife Marsha still live there.

That is about to change. Norheim and his wife took their life on a new path this week when they opened Cherry Berry Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Bar on Monday.

Norheim has been studying the demographics of Hudson for five years, ever since his daughter Heather Signalness and her husband Ira moved to the area.

In what only can be called a serendipitous moment, Norheim's daughter and son, Chris, both called him raving about Cherry Berry, suggesting he look into it. She had visited the Woodbury store and their son had visited the Bismarck store.

"The kids didn't know they were both talking to me about the same thing," said Norheim.

"I would like to retire down here." The appeal of moving here is enhanced by the fact that their first grandson lives here.

"I contacted Cherry Berry on Facebook and they called me back in 20 minutes."

That first phone call was in June of 2012 and by July of 2012 they had bought the Hudson franchise for Cherry Berry.

"Once we reached that point we decided to keep on going," said Norheim. "We liked the quality of the product."

"I had been studying Hudson for five years," said Norheim. "Plotting the demographics, education and sports district. This was the fourth location we looked at."

Located at 816 Carmichael Road in Prairie View Center, next to the UPS Store, they are close to Grand View Park, the St. Croix County Government Center and the Hudson Middle School.

"When we started there were no other self-serve frozen yogurt shops in Hudson," said Norheim. but he is confident his study of the area, the location of the store and the quality of the product will combine to make his business venture a success.

Cherry Berry was founded in May of 2010 by Dallas and Robyn Jones, both former Tulsa Okla., police officers. The first year the company grew quickly to over 50 stores. Today, there are over 100 locations in 21 states with stores in Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates scheduled to open soon. The company is headquartered in Broken Arrow, Okla.

Hudson's Cherry Berry will seat 40 customers, who may enjoy up to 14 flavors at one time, 21 if they are combined.

"Something new is our Super Swirls (200 combinations are possible)," said Norheim. "I think it going to be a big, big hit." The franchise offers up to 50 different flavors, which will be rotated through the store. Also offered are 20 dry toppings, 24 other toppings such as fruits, nuts and chocolates and a variety of syrups.

In true self-service style, you create your own, weigh it and then pay by the ounce.

Norheim posted on Facebook that he was hiring. Over 70 resumes poured in. The store will employ eight part-time employees and two co-managers.

"I love Hudson," said Norheim. "I would have loved to have a job like this when I was in high school instead of picking rocks."

The Cherry Berry's Motto is "Be Friendly, Be Clean."

The store is open Sunday through Thursday from noon to 9 p.m. and on Friday and Saturday from noon to 10 p.m. For more information, call (715) 808-8296. The grand opening celebration will be Friday, May 31.