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New phase for Healing Waters’ AcuEnergetics training

AcuEnergetics practitioner and teacher John Peitzman, who works directly with founder Kevin Farrow, joins Healing Waters Health Center owner Denise Gunderson in the room where this year’s training takes place. (Hudson Star-Observer photo by Chuck Nowlen)1 / 2
Student Andrea Conin practices a “back of heart” energetic-healing technique on classmate Gina Zappia in a Level 1 “Skills for Living” session. (Submitted photo)2 / 2

After establishing basic lessons in the promising light- or no-touch energy-manipulation healing technique last year, Hudson’s Healing Waters Health Center will be taking its AcuEnergtics classes to a new level this spring.

There are four levels of AcuEnergetics training –- which draws on the centuries-old success of healing practices from China, the Middle East and India -– and Healing Waters offered only Level I and Level II classes last year.

Those sessions gave participants enough basic skills to get started on their own, often with dramatic results, noted Healing Waters owner Denise Gunderson.

“I’ve been in the healing field my whole life, and I’ve never found anything that has been this consistent,” Gunderson said during last year’s training schedule. “AcuEnergetics is not a replacement for traditional western medicine. It’s complementary. It just makes it all more powerful.”

This year, however, Healing Waters, located at 2705 Enloe St. in Hudson’s St. Croix Business Park, will be offering Level III and Level IV AcuEnergetics training as well.

New Level 111 classes, which provide in-depth experiential and theoretical AcuEnergetics body-work training, and Level IV sessions, used to certify new practitioners, will be held at Healing Waters April 21-May 19.

Certified practitioner and teacher John Peitzman, who works directly with AcuEnergetics founder Kevin Farrow in Australia, the world’s mecca for the technique, has been teaching Level I and Level II in Hudson since April 10 this year.

Peitzman will be joined for Healing Waters’ Level III and Level IV sessions by Farrow himself.

“It’s a big deal. It’s a really big deal,” Gunderson said last week of Farrow’s decision to travel to Hudson to conduct the classes.

Healing Waters is currently the only place in the U.S. offering AcuEnergetics certification training based on Farrow’s 40 years of research and experience, she noted.

Fees for Levels I and II range from $595 to $1,195. For more information or to sign up, contact Healing Waters at (715) 381-8123, email the center –- –- or check out the business’s website: .

Gunderson and Peitzman, meanwhile, said they’ve been amazed at the level of local interest to date in the AcuEnergetics modality, which varies from patient to patient, but basically involves one-on-one communication, meditation and manipulating the body’s energy channels –- often without any touching at all.

Explained Gunderson in a 2014 interview: “We are made of energy –- we are energy -– and AcuEnergetics is about restoring the flow of energy to the body.

“Blockages happen, maybe because of allergies, for example, maybe we’re eating the wrong foods or taking the wrong medicine, or because we’ve been injured, or a lot of other things. Healing occurs when the flow is restored.”

Added Peitzman in an interview last week: “For Kevin Farrow to come from Australia to Hudson, Wisconsin, to teach here is significant, I think, just in terms of how well we’re doing here. … We didn’t know how much momentum and interest would be generated at first, but then it just took off.”

While some people are skeptical about the scientific basis of AcuEnergetics, Peitzman insisted that belief has nothing to do with the technique’s results, which he described as “consistent, effective and repeatable.”

“People think, ‘I have to have some kind of gift to do this,’ but, no, you just need to be a human –- we can teach anyone, and then, if you become a qualified practitioner, you can have your own results,” he said.

“There really aren’t any miracles with AcuEnergetics; it just involves laws of nature that haven’t been fully understood yet from a scientific standpoint. We just unlock energy blockages.”

Among many dramatic outcomes reported by Healing Waters AcuEnergetics® students to date: One student’s 4-year-old daughter, who couldn’t speak and was told by western-medicine specialists that she probably never would.

After a one-hour session with Peitzman, the girl said the word, “Da-da” for her father for the first time, and the mother later reported that her daughter spoke 10 new words after follow-up treatments at home.

“From what I understand, she’s still talking,” Peitzman said of the girl. “And results like these are not unusual for all sorts of health problems.”

Other local success stories reported by Hudson Level I students to date:

Just a day after a treatment, another child’s serious dog-bite puncture wound almost completely disappeared.

In another case, a Healing Waters employee injured her head, leaving her neck almost totally immobilized. Twenty-four hours after treatment, her full range of motion was back.

Still another case: A woman’s retina began to detach, leaving a persistent white line in her field of vision. Within 20 minutes of being treated by a student, the white line disappeared and never returned.

Chuck Nowlen

Chuck Nowlen joined the Star-Observer team as a business, township and general-assignment reporter in April, 2014 after a three-decade career in newspapers and magazines, and as a newsroom-management/business-planning consultant.

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