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A 94-year-old family trucking business closes Mauston terminal

Monson Trucking of Duluth has closed its terminal in Mauston.

And the 94-year-old family trucking business will shut down the rest of its operations by the end of August.

About 200 employees got the news Wednesday.

Two Minnesota terminals in Virginia and Red Wing also closed immediately, along with the one in Mauston.

Those three sites employed about 100 altogether.

But owner Michael Monson said the recession did them in, as well as declines in the paper industry.

He said Monson Trucking lost a $0.5 million when two of its major customers went bankrupt. Both were paper mills in Canada.

One employee in Duluth said 50 drivers had been laid off in the last seven months.

Union workers recently made concessions, including pay cuts and reduced health benefits.