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Stonewood Konstruction- a natural spin-off

It may come as no surprise that Stonewood Furniture, after delivering quality goods and services to the area for 8 years, has a spin-off of sorts. Stonewood Konstruction, which will be run by Mike Kunz is a natural evolution of the Kunz family who reside in Hudson. Mike's wife Jeanette, has owned and operated Stonewood Furniture since it's inception in 2000. During the planning phase of the current building at 1600 Maxwell Drive, she retained Mike to manage the construction. They married and have collaborated on several projects since then.

Mike Kunz, as President of Stonewood Konstruction, LLC, brings a multitude of experience with over 26 years in the commercial and residential construction industry. For several years he worked in the stage equipment industry on theatre sites throughout the country. During the last 10 years he has concentrated in the Midwest area and more specifically the Twin Cities metro area. Mike Kunz has built solid relationships with subcontractors in all areas of the construction industry. He says, "One of the greatest challenges with construction is the coordination and communication of pertinent details with all subs involved. I find this to be one of my most important assets in the business."

Projects in the immediate area that Mike has built or worked extensively on include: Stonewood Furniture building, which includes Freier's Fireplace Source and Terrrazzo's; Caribbean Car Wash and adjacent retail space. In Minnesota and Wisconsin he has been instrumental on numerous fast food restaurants, theatres, medical professional buildings, hotels and pre-cast buildings. Through the years he has completed many tenant improvements.

Stonewood Konstruction can assist with the following construction areas: commercial construction from the ground up, construction management, tenant improvements, remodeling and additions.

For more information, please contact Mike at Stonewood Konstruction at 715-441-6377 ore-mail: stone-woodconstruction