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Hudson Medical Aesthetics offers alternatives to surgery

Photo by Margaret A. Ontl Sara Curtis, a laser technician for Hudson Medical Aesthetics, demonstrates how she would administer a treatment designed to target stubborn fat.

Ladies, just in time for the holidays or a New Year's resolution, Hudson Medical Aesthetics offers a wide range of laser services to help minimize the effects of aging.

Dr. Eileen Reardon was so convinced when she researched the qualities of the treatments that she added the company to her existing practice, St. Croix Obstetrics and Women's Health.

Sara Curtis, an experienced laser technician, is on staff to administer the treatments as well as answer questions.

HMA offers a variety of nonsurgical options for everything from skin tightening to fat reduction to laser hair removal.

"It helps women who can't afford face lifts," said Curtis. "It does skin tightening and fat reduction. It is non-surgical, pain free and costs $250 per treatment, considerably less than a surgical face lift."

Although, most of the services require more than one treatment, the results may begin to show up immediately, according to Curtis, and multiple sessions, which run 15 to 45 minutes, may be necessary. Normally, clients come in once every two weeks.

Even though Curtis has been in the business of skin care for over 15 years, she is still amazed at what the new technology and what the Accent XL, one of two Alma laser machines at Hudson Medical Aesthetics, can do.

The machines work using heat-targeted therapy, which targets the fat cells using radio frequency to stimulate cells to release toxins, drain retained fluids and develop new collagen. Staying hydrated is one of the keys to the success of the treatments.

The second laser machine, called the Harmony XL, is used to remove hair, treat acne, remove age spots and spider veins.

"Dr. Reardon wants to give her clients the best," said Curtis. "The only other practice in the Twin Cities metro area to offer these options is at Edina Plastic Surgery."

For more information, and a complete list of services and prices, call (715) 381-9566. The business is located at 1610 Maxwell Drive, Suite 200.