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Hudson Luther dealerships consolidate management

Tim Jubie is particularly well suited to take over the general managership of both Hudson Chrysler and Luther Hudson Chevrolet. Photo by Margaret A. Ontl

We all know that auto makers and their dealers are sharing in the woes of the recession. Two Hudson dealerships owned by the Luther Automotive Group are tightening their financial belts to both survive and continue to provide good service to their customers. Hudson Chrysler and Luther Hudson Chevrolet have consolidated three management positions, general manager, controller and service manager.

Taking over the general management position for both dealers is Tim Jubie, who took the reins of Hudson Chrysler in May of 2008. He is well suited for the job having literally grown up in the banking and financial industry. At the age of 12 he was manually posting loan payments at the First State Bank of Floodwood in Minnesota. Jubie's father, Jerry was an independent banker owning two banks, one in Floodwood and the Miller Hill Bank in Duluth.

Jubie went on to spend 17 years in the banking industry, graduating with a degree in business management and accounting. He led both of his father's banks through automation and built a career and reputation among the independent banking community nationwide.

Today, he represents a non traditional approach for an auto dealer. He has been in the auto industry for 18 years and has experience managing multiple dealerships.

Consolidating the management at dealerships is something that Luther has been doing throughout the group.

"It is an effort to be more lean," said Jubie. "None of these are easy decisions and we have reduced staff in both stores."

Service manager for both dealerships is now Steve Boyd and controller for both is Kathy Hoffman.

"All three of us will serve in a general manager capacity," said Jubie. "So the staff will have three people to go to."

"It will be a challenge with the economy. But over the last year we are up, so going forward we are going to be fairly conservative," said Jubie. "With these consolidations we should see an increase in profitability that will ensure we will be here for years to come."

The plan for the two dealerships is to stay lean and mean, taking the best from both to improve.

On the horizon for Chrysler are new hybrids coming out in late 2010, a Jeep and Town and Country van using new technology which allows the driver to travel at any speed for 40 miles on just electric power.

"I think all of the manufacturers are looking at technology that makes sense and is consumer friendly," said Jubie. "Down the road the hydrogen technology looks promising, the goal for our industry is to produce a zero carbon emission vehicle so our children's children will have a clean environment."