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St. Croix Valley Dentistry gets a new look

Dr. Brian Whisler, DDS, stands in one of his operatories of his newly-remodeled building. On the computer screen is an x-ray of his teeth. The office now has 11 computers and is essentially paperless. Photo by Margaret A. Ontl

In a somewhat unconventional move, Dr. Brian Whisler closed his dental practice from August 27 to September 22. Two goals were accomplished. The 2,100 square foot building at 213 Locust Street was completely remodeled and patient records were scanned and digitized allowing for the office to become nearly paperless.

Through peer support and community connections St. Croix Valley Dentistry continued to serve their patients. Dr. Becky Maher, of Valley Orthodontics, allowed Whisler to use her Hudson office two days a week, while the office and records were moved temporarily into the old post office building owned by Don Maysack. While there the staff took on the task of converting the records to digital files.

In the meantime, using concepts created by Whisler, contractor Alan Hines took over the remodeling.

"We called it the Al Hines Bible," said Whisler, of the precise schedule outlined for the work. "We knew exactly when to expect everything to be done."

By moving the mechanicals, heating and air conditioning to the roof, that freed up an area that could be used as a dental lab.

Whisler purchased the practice from Dr. Jeff Hitchcock in June of 2001. Nearly a year ago, he also purchased the building from Hitchcock. It is one of the newest buildings in downtown Hudson. At one time it was divided and was home to two businesses, one of them a bank.

With this remodel, many of the artifacts of that division have been removed. There is now only one rear door and the while the safe with 12 inch thick walls remains, the safe door was removed using an engine hoist and a crane.

Starting with light fixtures created by Hudson glass blower Pat Casanova, a color scheme evolved which bathes customers in warm earth tones. cherry colored cabinets throughout add a warm glow.

"Everything got rotated around," said Whisler, who couldn't be happier with the new space.

By moving a few walls, they created a new break room, a new office, an additional operatory. Outdoors a new retaining wall, a stamped concrete walk and patio were installed and trees planted.

Eight people work at St. Croix Valley Dentistry; three hygienists, two dental assistants, two receptionists and Whisler's wife Jill who takes care of the accounts payable.

St. Croix Valley Dentistry also offers a kids waiting area which now includes two video games and a train set.

For more information, call (715) 386-3553.