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Back to Books is closing

In a letter sent to many downtown businesses this week, Back to Books owner Miah Shull Olmsted announced that the business will be closing at the end the year.

"We've enjoyed our years with all of you and encourage each of you to continue supporting in time, energy and financially the independent businesses in our community," she wrote in the letter.

Olmsted said any remaining books at the store will be donated to the library.

"Bob and I will be returning to work in South Africa immediately after the holidays," she wrote. "More details will be in the papers in the next few weeks. We encourage you to celebrate the lovely years we've had with an independent bookstore as part of its Main Street Downtown fun zone - it's been a joyous and special thing.

"Bob and I and the staff who've worked with us, including our own children, are very grateful to have been part of your lives over the years. We know that having a stronger and more vibrant library will also be a wonderful experience for our friends and neighbors as well."