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JP Staffing adds Hudson manager

Terry Jordan, left, and Kris Hogan work out of virtual offices for JP Staffing. Jordan is the principal in the company while Hogan, a Hudson resident, is a recruiting manager. She will have a virtual office serving western Wisconsin and the eastern metro area. Photo by Margaret A. Ontl

Almost anyone can tell you the job market is a different place today, especially if you are looking for work. The old rules of being there in person, knocking on doors and calling to bring your resume back to the top of the pile are as old as dust. It is also different for the employers who are looking to fill positions. They are looking to professional recruiters to do the work for them, right up to the point of finding the right person who can step right into the job without an interview.

JP Staffing has a new recruiting manager based in Hudson. Kris Hogan went from using JP Staffing to fill positions for her former employer to using them to find a job for herself. Hogan now works for JP Staffing.

The company is owned by Elisa Jordan with her husband Terry as a principal in the firm. They specialize in matching skilled candidates in accounting, finance, human resources and administration to the employers who need them.

"We try to make things work," said Terry Jordan, who has 13 years experience. "We are working with Fortune 500 companies and mom and pop shops." Four years ago, they started JP Staffing and creating a new model, the virtual office.

"We know every coffee shop in the metro area that offers WiFi," said Jordan. "Our staff meets every Monday morning to go over accounts and then we are off staying in contact by cell phone and laptop."

They offer a win-win situation for both the client, i.e. the employer and the job seeker because they go the extra step to research what the client is really looking for by meeting with them in person and asking the questions that will help them find a person who will fit into that specific situation.

"It's all about networking and providing service," said Kris Hogan. Both Hogan and Jordan do volunteer outreach programs to help people learn how to search for a job in a market that is vastly different from the one they left, in many cases 20 to 30 years ago.

Services they provide are direct hire, temporary-to-hire, temporary/ contract, project staffing and staff augmentation.

For more information, call Kris Hogan at (612) 964-5662 or e-mail her at or go to

Hogan covers western Wisconsin from St. Croix Falls to Prescott and east to Menominee as well as the eastern metro area.

Business hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.