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Gwin Law Firm turns a historic page

From the left, attorneys who are partners at Eckberg Lammers law firm, based in Stillwater are Thomas Weidner, David Snyder, Mark Vierling, Sean Stokes and joining them recently as an associate is Hugh H. Gwin of Hudson. Founding partner James Lammers is not pictured. Photo by Margaret A. Ontl

Since the 1880s there has been a law firm located at the intersection of Walnut and Second streets in Hudson. In 1943 Hugh F. Gwin, joined the firm, moving from Loyal. Over the course of the next several decades Hugh and his wife Edna became moving forces in Hudson, active in many community arenas. In 1994 the firm, after going through an assortment of name changes with partners and associates who arrived in Hudson and then moved on, became the Gwin Law Firm, SC with Hugh H. Gwin, his son, now the primary attorney.

This week, a new change is in the works. Eckberg Lammers has taken on Hugh H. Gwin as an associate as well as purchasing the Gwin building.

Eckberg Lammers Attorneys at Law is a long standing general practice law firm located in Stillwater. It was originally founded in 1946 and has also been through a series of name changes until in 1960 when it was simplified to Eckberg Lammers. The firm has served Washington County and the east metro in areas of family law, criminal law and DWI defense, business and commercial law, personal injury, estate planning and probate and real estate. For the last two and a half years they have expanded their practice to include Western Wisconsin, working by appointment out of an office located at 2417 Monetary Blvd.

"Our work in Wisconsin has expanded," said David Snyder, partner with Eckberg Lammers. "We have two general practice law firms now working together to offer services across the spectrum."

"I am not retiring," said Gwin, who is currently working out of the Stillwater office while the Hudson building under goes a complete remodel. "The synergy of the combination of talents will be great." Eckberg Lammers offers the talent of 14 attorneys, including one of the newest, Angela Olson, who will be working out of the Hudson office as well.

As far as the remodel of the Gwin building at 430 Second St., there may be some surprises in store. There is a stained glass window hidden under the wooden siding, although no one knows what condition it is in.

"We plan to respect its history," said Snyder. Gwin commented that it is a pivotal building in historic downtown Hudson. They expect the remodel to be complete by November.

For more information, call (715) 386-3733 or contact Gwin at (715) 386-9510, or go to