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Wisconsin's high-speed rail money may go North Carolina

Wisconsin's $810 dollars for high-speed rail might be sent away to North Carolina.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood told local leaders in Charlotte Wednesday that, "You all are going to be in the high-speed rail business."

Reporters in Charlotte thought it meant that North Carolina would get at least some of the stimulus money Wisconsin and Ohio received this year for high-speed trains that their new Republican governors don't want.

But a federal Department of Transportation spokeswoman clarified that remark later, saying no decisions have been made about reallocating rail funds.

She said LaHood did mention that two states may choose not to use the high-speed funds they received, and that they would be reallocated in a professional manner.

He also reiterated that North Carolina would get over a half-billion to speed up a current Amtrak line from Charlotte to Raleigh.

Governor-elect Scott Walker's transition office has not commented on the matter.

Milwaukee House Democrat Gwen Moore again called on Walker to change his mind. She said we can either create jobs in Wisconsin or "get left in the dust and watch job growth and economic development somewhere else."

Moore said she hopes it's not too late for Walker to "see the opportunity he's denying Wisconsin."