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Hudson organization wins Bible quiz tourney

National competition held in Wisconsin Dells

A group of seven area teens, representing Hudson-based Teens For Christ (TFC), participated in Bible Quiz Fellowship (BQF) National Tournament at the Chula Vista Resort at Wisconsin Dells and won a National Bible Quiz Championship trophy.

The quizzers answered questions from the Bible books of Mark, Hebrews and 1 and 2 Peter. When the tournament was over, the "Revelation" team emerged as the new national champions.

"We are so thrilled about this," said coach and TFC director Jim Cicchese of Hudson. "This was the result of a huge effort over the whole school year. Together, this team memorized a total of nearly 6,000 Bible verses, and it was great to see that hard work rewarded with a national championship."

The team consisted of members from Minnesota and western Wisconsin, and were chosen from 35 TFC regular season teams and formed into eight all-star teams in February. Those teams competed at the regional and national level.

The TFC quest for a national championship began 30 years ago, when TFC brought a team of all-stars to Bath, New York, to compete in the 1983 national tournament. That team finished in second place, a finish that has never been improved on, and has only been equaled twice in the intervening 30 years.

"I was a quizzer on that first team," said Cicchese. "And I don't think we understood at that time how impressive that finish was, or how rare. If we had known then that it would take 30 years to finally bring home a national championship, I think that would have been pretty discouraging."

Still, there is no time like the present.

"We consider this a great blessing from God," said Cicchese. "Patient endurance and faithfulness is one of the things we learn from scripture that is reinforced in Bible quizzing. Even if we had never won a national championship, God has rewarded and will reward every quizzer who takes the time to study and know His Word."

Team members included coach Jim Cicchese (Hudson); assistants Tim Magnuson (Prior Lake, Minn.) and Gabrielle Weir (Beldenville); and quiz participants Corrie Stevens (Mayer, Minn.), Liana Zook (Plymouth, Minn.), Grace Cooper (Elk River, Minn.), Elisha Wright (Stillwater, Minn.), Sarah Magnuson (Prior Lake, Minn.), Ellen Weir (Beldenville) and John Magnuson (Prior Lake, Minn.).

For more information contact Teens For Christ at (715) 386-2549.