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Our View: Support Booster Days and area youth

Booster Days is celebrated in Hudson this weekend, and the summer event offers all of us an opportunity to support one of the area's hardest working groups -- the Hudson Boosters. In turn, your support goes directly to benefit area youth.

Most of this year's Booster activities are scheduled Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but carnival rides and a few other activities are available Thursday.

Many of the proceeds from Booster Days go to support youth programs, be they Booster baseball, softball, football, scholarships or the Easter egg hunt. This summer alone, about 1,200 boys and girls are involved with about 100 teams in Booster baseball and softball programs. Another 350 or so are involved in the fall football program, and that number will probably increase this year with the addition of a third- and fourth-grade football program.

The organization has between 300 and 350 coaches and other volunteers, all organized by the Boosters. In addition, the Boosters provide equipment, uniforms, bats, balls and many others things to keep the programs going. The organization also maintains 26 fields.

In most communities, celebrations like Booster Days are staged by some branch of the business community, like the Chamber of Commerce. Likewise, many community celebrations involve the local governments. The Booster participation in our community emphasizes the volunteer nature of the organization. Few Booster members own retail businesses. Virtually no Booster member will see any spin-off personal gain from Booster Days -- the only goal is to raise funds for youth activities.

Another point, in many communities, taxpayers foot the bill for youth baseball and other activities through a municipal park and recreation department, or something similar. The Boosters take on these activities and remove the burden from taxpayers. The Boosters clearly deserve our praise.

Members of the Booster Club donate one of today's most valuable assets -- time! And who reaps the benefits of Booster work? Our children.

The Boosters have put together a full schedule of events for the Fourth of July weekend of activities. All that's needed to make the weekend a success is our participation. Enjoy the fun this weekend and know that you are benefiting the youth of our community.