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ST. CROIX COUNTY: 1/8/13 Board Meeting Minutes

Thursday, February 7, 2013 - 1:47am


JANUARY 8, 2013 9:00 AM

County Board Room - St. Croix County Government Center

1101 Carmichael Road, Hudson, Wisconsin

Call to Order; Invocation by Randy Simonson, Harvestime Church, Hudson, Wisconsin; Pledge Allegiance to the Flag

Roll Call-18 Present; 1 Absent - Hawksford

Consent Agenda - Motion by Brinkman, 2nd by Schachtner to approve the December 4, 2012 minutes, setting the next meeting of the County Board of Supervisors for March 5, 2013 and approving Ordinance #819(2013) rezoning 6.01 acres in the Town of Baldwin from Ag to Ag-Res for Udder Lee Dairy, Inc. Carried unanimously.

Presentations or Recognitions - none

Appointments - Motion by Horne, 2nd by Kiesler to approve the appointment of Deborah Lindemann as Public Health Officer.

Carried unanimously.

County Administrator's Report by Patrick Thompson.

Annual Committee and Department Reports-Treasurer and County Clerk.


1. Resolution to Adopt the St. Croix County Outdoor Recreation Plan-2013-2017 - Motion by Ring, 2nd by Schachtner. Passed: Yes-15; No-3 (Nays: Hood, Kilber, B. Hurtgen).

2. Resolution Authorizing the St. Croix County Community Development Department to Apply for 2013 - Lake Management Planning Grants - Motion by Ring, 2nd by Schachtner to approve. Passed: Yes-16; No-2 (Nays: Kilber, J. Hurtgen).

3. Resolution Supporting Development of a State Highway Maintenance Memorandum of Understanding - Motion by Peavey, 2nd by Ostness. Passed: Yes-17; No-1 (Nay: Kilber).

4. Resolution to Promote Enhanced Intergovernmental Efforts and Best Use of Taxpayer Resources - Motion by Peavey, 2nd by Hood. Carried unanimously.

5. Resolution Urging State Legislators to Vote in Favor of Transportation Dollars for Transportation - Motion by Peavey, 2nd by Ostness. Passed: Yes-17; No-1 (Nay: Kiesler).

6. Resolution Adopting Changes to the Fund Balance Policy - Motion by Peterson, 2nd by J. Hurtgen. Passed: Yes-14; No-4 (Nays: Hood, Yoerg, Kilber, Ottino).

7. Resolution to Authorize the Sale of Vacant County Land and Assign Proceeds to Create a Separate Capital Projects Fund - Chair Standafer explained last month there was a pending amendment and then a motion to postpone this item to this January 8, 2013 County Board meeting. There was a motion to adopt the resolution and a motion to amend by inserting "as directed by the Board" into line 27 of the resolution. Chair Standafer noted the amendment was by Malick, 2nd by Peavey. Malick confirmed the amendment allows the County Board to approve the specific expenditures. Malick requested the word stricken in his amendment be put back and add "as directed by the Board" to the end of the paragraph. Chair Standafer asked if there were any objections to the change. No objections were made.

Horne reported the City Council for the City of New Richmond met January 7, 2013 and decided to not partake in any purchase of this land. Horne indicated he recused himself last month from voting on this matter and now intends to vote. Vote on amendment passed: Yes - 15; No - 3 (Nays: Schachtner, Standafer, Ottino).

Motion by Horne, 2nd by Malick to amend the resolution by reducing the acreage in line 19 from 500 to 320, or a lower number based on acreage calculations, and change the word "map" to "maps". Discussion. Vote on amendment failed: Yes - 4; No - 14. (Ayes: Schachtner, Larson, Horne, Kiesler).

Resolution, as amended, passed: Yes - 10; No - 8 (Nays: Schachtner, Ottino, Ostness, Larson, Horne, Kiesler, J. Hurtgen, B. Hurtgen)

County Clerk's Report of Correspondence and Rezoning Requests - None

Announcement by Chair Standafer. Adjournment

Daryl Standafer, Chair

Cindy Campbell, County Clerk




I, Cindy Campbell, County Clerk for St. Croix County, do hereby certify the foregoing is a true, correct and complete record of the transactions of the St. Croix County Board of Supervisors' meeting held on January 8, 2013. Resolutions, ordinances, reports and minutes are filed in the County Clerk's Office.

Dated January 30, 2013 in Hudson, St. Croix County, Wisconsin.

Cindy Campbell, St. Croix County Clerk

(Pub. 02/07/13)