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CITY OF HUDSON: 6/17/13 Council Meeting Minutes

Monday, July 8, 2013 - 11:20pm

(Pub. July 11, 2013)
Monday, June 17, 2013 - MINUTES
Meeting called to order by Mayor Alan Burchill in the Council Chambers of City Hall at 7:00 p.m.; he led those present in the pledge of allegiance.
PRESENT: Mayor Burchill and Alderpersons Randy Morrissette, Kurt TeWinkel, John Hoggatt and Rich Vanselow.
EXCUSED: Alderpersons Mary Yacoub and Lori Bernard.
CONSENT AGENDA ITEMS: MOTION by Morrissette, second by Hoggatt to approve the following consent agenda items:
The Regular Meeting minutes of June 3, 2013 and the Special meeting minutes of June 12, 2013.
Issuance of Regular Operator Licenses for the period 6/18/13 to 6/30/15, contingent on payment of any outstanding debt that is owed to the City, to the following individuals: Bria Anderson, River Falls, WI;Adam J. Bergdahl, Hudson; Michelle A. Brown, Hudson; Lacy J. Butler, River Falls, WI; Daniel L. Claflin, Hudson; Amy M. Coleman, Hudson; Katie K. Cook, Hudson; Scott G. Dardine, Hudson; Blaine C. Davidson, Hudson; Celina D. DeMars, Hudson; Nicole M. Denison, Hudson; Bradley G. Dohmen, Elmwood, WI; Ross M. Eib, Oakdale, MN; Amanda J. Fagerlund, Houlton, WI; Jana L. Gaffer, Hudson; Tyrell J. Gaffer, Hudson; Kayleen D. Guffy, River Falls, WI; Anna E. Johannsen, Hudson; Jeremy S. Jones, Hudson; Brittany K. Johnson, Hudson; David A. Klatt, Hudson; Janell M. Klatt, Hudson; Michelle G. Klatt, Hudson; Nicholas L. Klatt, Oakdale, MN; Michael K. Klintworth, Hammond, WI; Benjamin T. Koch, Hudson; Alysha Kolodzienski, River Falls, WI; William J. Kotz, Hudson; Rochelle M. LaBlanc, Clear Lake, WI; Deborah A. Laventure, Hudson; Tamar L. Land, Hudson; Matthew C. Leach, Hudson; Jacob A. Nelson, Hudson; Elliot J. Novak, River Falls, WI; Becky J. Okeefe, Hudson; Michael S. Okeefe, Hudson; Lori M. Papineau, Hudson; Catherine A. Pflueger, St. Paul, MN; Suzanne A. Rode, Hudson; Mathew J. Ryan, Hudson; Joseph A. Schmahl, River Falls, WI; Brittany J. Schultz, Hudson; Cassandra K. Shepherd, St. Paul, MN; Richard E. Smith, Hudson; Alexandra M. Sollom, Roberts, WI; Melissa M. Solum, Hudson; Rachel A. Thompson, Hudson; Nathan C. Troester, River Falls, WI; Janelle A. Vazquez, River Falls, WI; Adrienne C. Vermilyea, Hudson; Kathy J. Wellens, Hudson; Trisha L. Wenzel, New Richmond, WI; Katherine B. Workman, Hudson; Briana M. Zantelli, Hudson; Terry L. Barott, Hudson; Fawn B. Bechman, Spring Valley, WI; Tara L. Frey, River Falls, WI; Catherine L. Harter, Hudson; Ann M. Hawthorne, Oakdale, MN; James S. Hicks, St. Paul, MN; Brian K. Hoyt, Hudson; Stacy M. Kupka, Hudson; Nicholas Perricelli, Hudson; Rebecca L. Radle, Hudson; Lauren M. Ruhland, Hudson; Kaite M. Sweval, Stillwater, MN and Baily J. Ranum, Spring Lake Park, MN.
Issuance of Temporary Operator’s Licenses to be used July 3-6, 2013 at the Hudson Booster Days event in Lakefront Park to Cathy J. Koehler-Filla, Hudson and Deanna D. Lind, Baldwin, WI.
Approve payment for claims of $140,834.14 for payables, and $143,666.45 for payroll, for a total of $284,500.59. The renewal and issuance of a Taxicab Service License to Universal Transportation LLC d/b/a Ninja Cab Company, and Taxicab Driver Licenses to Richard Erdman, New Richmond, WI and Jeffery M. Morgan, Hudson, and for the period 7/1/13 to 6/30/14.
The renewal and issuance of a Taxicab Service License to F.D.S. Enterprises Inc. d/b/a A-Taxi/Hudson Taxi, and Taxicab Driver Licenses to the following, and for the period 7/1/13 to 6/30/14: Robert J. Francis, Somerset, WI; Douglas J. Luchsinger, Lakeland, MN; Ryan M. Denesen, Roberts, WI; Brian L. Lovejoy, Amery, WI; Otha F. Phillips, Hudson; Aaron M. Boyd, Hudson; Timothy D. Moody, Lindstrom, MN; Phillip L. Geurkink, Prescott, WI; Timothy S. Witzel, Stillwater, MN; and Joshua A. Studer, Amery, WI.
The renewal and issuance of an Amusement Device License to Curt A. Lindbert d/b/a Namco Entertainment Inc. and Permits for 10 devices located at the Hudson 12 Theatre.
Issuance of a Taxicab Driver License to Lorilee K. Ziemer, Lake Elmo, MN and for the period 7/1/13 to 6/30/14.
Authorize Foth Engineering to prepare the bid documents and advertise for the 2013 Street Maintenance Project at a cost of $5,100.00, as submitted in their work order.
Place on file the May financial report from the Finance Officer, and the June 11, 2013 minutes of the Public Utilities Commission.
MOTION by Vanselow, second by TeWinkel to delay consideration (of an Operator’s License application) until after Matthew James Smith’s court date or September 1, 2013. All ayes (4) MOTION CARRIED.
MOTION by Vanselow, second by TeWinkel to approve the Class “B” beer and “Class B” liquor license for Hudson Grill LLC, (d/b/a Bob Smith’s Sports Club) without the proposed patio area in the premises description, and receipt of a copy of the Wisconsin Seller’s Permit (and surrender of the current license held by Sports Club Inc. for that address). All ayes (4) MOTION CARRIED.
MOTION by Hoggatt, second by Vanselow to approved the roof repair project for the 700 First Street/101 Vine Street building in the amount $381,704, with a 30 year warranty (and with partial funding from the Library Impact Fees). All ayes (4) MOTION CARRIED.
MOTION by Vanselow, second by Hoggatt to adjourn the meeting. All ayes (6) MOTION CARRIED at 7:37 p.m.
Nancy J. Korson, City Clerk
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