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CITY OF HUDSON: Request for Quotes - Manhole Demo & Reconstruction

Monday, October 21, 2013 - 11:20pm

Public Notice - Request for Quotes
Manhole Demolition and Reconstruction
The City of Hudson is requesting quotes for the demolition and reconstruction of a storm sewer manhole at the intersection of 9th and Wisconsin Street. The work will consist of the following:
Lay out and staking
Traffic control
Selective demolition – asphalt saw cutting, manhole
removal, asphalt removal
Common and select excavation
Furnish and install pre-cast concrete manhole structure
and adjusting rings
Furnish manhole casting
Connect all existing sewer lines
Furnish and install new casting
Furnish and place base course
Furnish and place asphalt
Direct inquires may be directed to Tom Zeuli, Public Works Director, 715-386-4767 ext 114.
The City of Hudson will receive quotes for this work at the office of the City Administrator located at 505 3rd St. Hudson, WI until 11:00 am Friday November 1, 2013. Quotes will be reviewed and contracts will be awarded to the vendors whose quotes are most responsive to the solicitation and are most advantageous to the City of Hudson, considering price, quality and other factors.
The City reserves the right to reject any and all quotes.
Nancy Korson, City Clerk
City of Hudson, Wisconsin
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