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CITY OF HUDSON: 4/15/14 Organizational Council Meeting Minutes

Monday, June 9, 2014 - 11:20pm

April 15, 2014 - MINUTES
Meeting called to order by Mayor Burchill in the Council Chambers of City Hall at 7:02 p.m.
PRESENT: Mayor Burchill and Alderpersons Randy Morrissette II, Mary Yacoub, Tom McCormick, Jim Webber, John Hoggatt, and Rich Vanselow.
Clerk Nancy Korson administered the oath of office to Alan Burchill as Mayor, Mary Yacoub as Alderperson in District Two; Tom McCormick as Alderperson in District Three; and Jim Webber as Alderperson in District Four. Mayor Burchill announced that the purpose of the meeting was to appoint individuals to various committees, boards and commissions. Mayor Burchill called for nominations for President of the Council. MOTION by Vanselow, second by McCormick to nominate Mary Yacoub for the position of Council President. MOTION by Hoggatt, second by Webber to nominate Randy Morrissette for the position of Council President. MOTION by Hoggatt, second by Vanselow to close nominations. All ayes (6) MOTION CARRIED.
It was determined that a majority vote (4) would be needed to be elected. Mayor Burchill stated he would not break a tie, a tie would be broken by the flip of a coin. A vote was taken by paper ballot, the results were announced by the City Administrator Devin Willi; he stated there were 3 votes for Yacoub, and 3 votes for Morrissette. Due to a tie vote Mayor Burchill asked Morrissette to call heads or tails for a coin toss, he called tails. Mayor Burchill flipped a coin, it was tails; Morrissette is President of the Council.
PLAN COMMISSION: Mayor Burchill recommended that Mary Yacoub be appointed as a member of the Plan Commission. MOTION by Hoggatt, second by Vanselow to approve Mary Yacoub as a member of the Plan Commission. A two-thirds vote was needed to approve the appointment. Ayes (6) MOTION CARRIED.
Board of Zoning Appeals (3 year terms): Mayor Burchill requested confirmation of his appointment recommendations to the Board of Zoning Appeals. MOTION by Vanselow, second by Yacoub, to confirm Mayor Burchill’s appointments of Gordon Conard as a citizen member, and Peter Post as 1st alternate (each for a three-year term on the Board of Zoning Appeals through 2017). All ayes (6), MOTION CARRIED.
Park Board: Mayor Burchill requested confirmation of his appointment recommendations to the Park Board. MOTION by Vanselow, second by Yacoub, to confirm Mayor Burchill’s appointment of Ron Weiler and Kurt TeWinkel as citizen members for five-year term on the Park Board through 2019. All ayes (6), MOTION CARRIED.
STANDING COMMITTEES: Mayor Burchill distributed a two-page list and announced his appointments to the Standing Committees, as follows:
Finance Committee: Mayor Alan Burchill, Chairman, and Alderpersons Mary Yacoub, Randy Morrissette, and Rich Vanselow.
Public Safety Committee: Alderperson Randy Morrissette as Chairperson, and Alderpersons Jim Webber, and Rich Vanselow.
Public Works Committee: Alderperson Mary Yacoub as Chairperson, and Alderpersons John Hoggatt, and Tom McCormick.
OTHER COMMITTEES: Mayor Burchill announced the following Alderpersons were appointed as voting members of the respective boards and commissions:
Community Access Board - Alderperson Jim Webber
St. Croix EMS Commission – Alderperson Tom McCormick
Hudson Area Joint Library Board - Alderperson Rich Vanselow
Hudson Urban Forestry Board – Alderperson John Hoggatt
Park Board – Alderperson Tom McCormick
Advisory Joint Fire Board - Alderperson Jim Webber
ALDERMANIC LIAISONS: Mayor Burchill appointed the following Alderperson as Aldermanic Liaisons of the respective boards/ committee/commissions:
Tourism Bureau - Alderperson Randy Morrissette
Public Utility Commission – Alderperson John Hoggatt
Hudson School District - Alderperson Mary Yacoub.
Intergovernmental Advisory Council: Mayor Burchill announced the Mayor and Council President would be appointed to the Intergovernmental Advisory Council.
APPOINTMENTS TO BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS: Mayor Burchill announced the following appointments:
Hudson Urban Forestry Board (2 year terms): Liz Bruch, Diane Frohlicher, and Ken Holman as Citizen Representatives for a two year appointment ending in 2016.
Plan Commission: Mayor Burchill re-appointed Fred Yoerg to the Plan Commission as a citizen representative for a three year term ending 2017.
Police and Fire Commission: Mayor Burchill re-appointed Dale Willi to the Police and Fire Commission for a five-year term ending in 2019.
Advisory Joint Fire Board: Mayor Burchill re-appointed DuWayne Bakke to the Advisory Joint Fire Board for a one year appointment ending in 2015.
Hudson/North Hudson Access Board: Mayor Burchill appointed Erin Rabideaux to the Hudson/North Hudson Access Board for a three-year appointment ending in 2017.
Hudson Housing Authority: Mayor Burchill appointed Joel Porter to the Hudson Housing Authority for a five-year term ending in 2019.
Public Utility Commission: Mayor Burchill appointed Dave Prissel to the Public Utility Commission for a five-year appointment ending in 2019.
MOTION by Yacoub, second by Hoggatt to adjourn the meeting. All ayes (6) MOTION CARRIED at 7:14 p.m.
Nancy J. Korson, City Clerk
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