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CITY OF HUDSON: 4/18/17 Council Organizational Meeting Minutes

Monday, May 15, 2017 - 11:16pm

Tuesday, April 18, 2017
The common council meeting was called to order by Mayor Rich O'Connor at 7 p.m. Mayor O'Connor led those present in the Pledge of Allegiance.
PRESENT: Mayor Rich O'Connor, Randy Morrissette II, Tom McCormick, Jim Webber, John Hoggatt and Joyce Hall.
ABSENT: Bill Alms
OTHERS PRESENT: Devin Willi, Catherine Munkittrick
City Clerk Jennifer Zeiler administered the oath of office to Randy Morrissette II, District 1 Alderperson, John Hoggatt, District 5 Alderperson and Joyce Hall, District 6 Alderperson.
Motion by Morrissette, seconded by McCormick to approve a six-month Class "B" beer license to Hudson Softball to sell beer at the Grandview Park Concession Stand for the license period of April 19, 2017 to October 15, 2017. All ayes (5). Motion Carried.
Motion by McCormick, seconded by Webber to suspend the rules regarding the disallowance of claim for excessive assessment for Bank Mutual. Roll call vote taken. All ayes (5). Motion Carried. Motion by Hoggatt, seconded by Hall to adopt Resolution 8-16 disallowing the claim for excessive assessment for 2016 filed by Bank Mutual. All ayes (5). Motion Carried.
Motion by Morrissette, seconded by Hall to approve the authorization of hiring of a police officer. All ayes (5). Motion Carried.
Motion by Morrissette, seconded by Hall to approve temporary no parking on Birch Street on both sides of Chestnut Drive (blocking one parking spot on each side) and to review in one year time. All ayes (5). Motion Carried.
The purpose of the organizational meeting is to allow the mayor to recommend appointments of individuals to various Committees, Board and Commissions and to provide for the election of Council President.
Mayor O'Connor called for nominations for President of the Common Council. Joyce Hall nominated Jim Webber as Council President. Randy Morrissette nominated John Hoggatt as Council President. A vote was taken by writing a candidate name on a piece of paper and votes were collected. A majority vote is required to determine the winner. Webber received 3 votes, Hoggatt received 2 votes. This will be re-voted at the next Council meeting on May 1, 2017.
Mayor O'Connor recommended that Randy Morrissette II be appointed as a member of the Plan Commission. Motion by Hoggatt, seconded by McCormick to approve Randy Morrissette II as a member of the Plan Commission. Ayes (5). Motion Carried.
The Mayor announced his appointments to the following committees as follows:
FINANCE COMMITTEE: Mayor Rich O'Connor, Chair; John Hoggatt, Randy Morrissette, Tom McCormick
PUBLIC SAFETY: Randy Morrissette, Chair; Bill Alms, Joyce Hall
PUBLIC WORKS: John Hoggatt, Chair; Jim Webber, Tom McCormick
The Mayor also announced his appointment of Tom McCormick as Council representative to St. Croix EMS Commission.
The Mayor requested confirmation of his appointment recommendations to the following Boards, Commissions and Committees. Motion by Webber, seconded by Hoggatt to confirm Mayor O'Connor's appointments as follows:
Advisory Joint Fire Board (member of Public Safety Committee): Bill Alms.
Hudson/North Hudson Community Access Board: Joyce Hall.
Hudson Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee: John Hoggatt
Hudson Urban Forestry Board: John Hoggatt
Park Board: Joyce Hall
All ayes (5). Motion Carried.
Mayor O'Connor appointed the following Alderpersons as non-voting liaisons:
Hudson School District: Bill Alms
Tourism Bureau: Randy Morrissette
Intergovernmental Advisor Council: Mayor and Council President
Motion by Hoggatt, seconded by Morrissette to confirm Mayor O'Connor's citizen appointments to the following boards, commissions for terms noted below:
Advisory Joint Fire Board (one year term ending 4/30/18): DuWayne Bakke
Board of Zoning Appeals (three year terms ending 4/30/20): Breanne Berning and Carah Koch (First Alternate)
Note: Second alternate position is vacant pending additional appointment.
Hudson Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (two-year terms ending 4/30/19): Nancy Huntley, Kathy Muller and Marian Webber
Hudson/North Hudson Cable Advisory Board (three-year term ending 4/30/20): Pam Brokaw
Hudson Urban Forestry Board (two year terms ending 4/30/19): Bill Bauman, Starla Enger and Liz Malanaphy
Park Board (five year terms ending 4/30/22): Pat Casanova and Mike O'Keefe
Plan Commission (three-year term ending 4/30/20): Fred Yoerg
All ayes (5). Motion Carried.
Appointments to the Hudson Housing Authority and Police and Fire Commission will be addressed at a future date.
Finance Officer Brenda Malinowski gave a presentation to the Council on multiple EMS options to consider if the St. Croix EMS service is not integrated with the Hospital. Discussion was held. Council requested additional information on Option #3. This item will be discussed at a future meeting.
Motion by Morrissette, seconded by McCormick to adjourn at 8:27 p.m. All ayes (5). Motion Carried.
Jennifer Zeiler, City Clerk
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