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HUDSON SCHOOL DISTRICT: 10/9/17 Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, November 29, 2017 - 11:44pm

Hudson School District
Regular Board of Education Meeting Minutes
October 9, 2017
Open Session
1. The regular meeting of the Hudson Board of Education was called to order by President Jamie Johnson at approximately 6:00 p.m. in the first-floor meeting room of the Administrative Service Center, 644 Brakke Drive, Hudson, WI. Members present: Rob Brown, Bruce Hanson, Jamie Johnson, Sue Kattas, Heather Logelin and Carrie Whitacre. Administrators in attendance included Superintendent Nick Ouellette, Assistant Superintendent Dave Grambow, Chief Financial and Operations Officer Tim Erickson, Chief of Human Resources Officer Andrea Voelker, Director of Teaching and Learning Sandra Kovatch, Interim Chief of Schools Officer Erin Schiltgen and Assistant Director of Community Relations Tracy Habisch-Ahlin.
2. No citizens asked to speak about non-action items.
3. Superintendent Ouellette provided construction updates from both the Middle School and High School projects. The Middle School punch list gets shorter every day, and final budget information should be available soon. At the High School the track surface is complete, and striping will begin this week. A majority of the steel for the new addition has been set, and foundation footings continue to be poured.
4. Superintendent Ouellette took a moment to recognize the members of the Hudson School Board, and thank them for their service. October 1-7 was Wisconsin School Board Week, a special week to build awareness and understanding of the vital function an elected board of education plays in our Hudson community.
5. Superintendent Ouellette asked Board members if they were interested in attending the National School Board Association (NSBA) Conference next April, in San Antonio, TX. Members should confirm with Nick by the end of November.
6. Superintendent Ouellette reminded Board members of the upcoming State Education Convention, held in Milwaukee, January 16-19, 2018. Members are asked to confirm with Nick by the end of October.
7. Superintendent Ouellette asked Board members to confirm their interest in attending the Wisconsin Association of School Boards Regional Meeting on October 24th, in Eau Claire, WI.
8. Director of Teaching and Learning Sandi Kovatch, introduced High School German teachers Charles Bublitz and Beth Buckmaster to report on their Summer 2017 German-American Partnership Program (GAPP). Seniors Lauryn Grambow and Seth Miner spoke about their experiences living with German families for three weeks. The Hudson students will host their German partners for three weeks next Spring.
9. Chief Financial and Operations Officer Tim Erickson presented the 3rd Friday pupil count as required by the State Department of Instruction. Erickson pointed out the addition of 4K for the first time, and addressed questions from the Board regarding Open Enrollment.
10. Assistant Superintendent Dave Grambow introduced Middle School Principal Jim Dalluhn, High School Associate Principal Nikki Benson, and Willow River Elementary Principal Kim Osterhues to present the 2017-18 SMART Goals. The SMART Goals guide professional development, with a focus this year on Professional Learning Communities.
11. Erickson presented an updated 2017-18 Budget report. The State budget has been passed, so now we wait for the DPI to issue the final aid amount and the Department of Revenue to issue the final district property valuation. The final budget will be approved, along with the certification of the levy at the October 23rd Board of Education meeting.
12. Interim Chief of Schools Officer Erin Schiltgen presented the 2016-17 Annual Student Pre-Expulsion and Expulsion Report. Schiltgen addressed questions from the Board regarding data from the past three years and comparisons to the past 23 year average.
13. Brown moved, with second by Hanson, to approve the consent items which include approval of the September 11, 2017 Board meeting minutes, the September 25, 2017 Special meeting minutes; the personnel hires, changes, retirements/resignations/non-renewals/ terminations and leaves (attached); expenditures in the amount of $7,519,312.86; receipts totaling $9,333,389.96; payroll totalling $2,086,692.03; EFT/ACH payments totalling $998,417.37. The motion carried.
14. Hanson moved, with second by Whitacre, to approve the change orders for the Hudson High School Building Package, which includes Work Scope 05B American Structural Metals, Work Scope 9A Custom Drywall, Work Scope 4b Biesanz Stone and Work Scope 7B Minnkota Architectural Products. The motion carried.
15. Hanson moved, with second by Kattas, to approve the first reading of the 800 Policy Series. The motion carried.
16. At 7:34 p.m. Hanson moved, with second by Whitacre, to adjourn the meeting. The motion carried.
/s/ James Johnson, President
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