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HUDSON SCHOOL DISTRICT: 3/10/09 Regular Meeting Minutes

Thursday, May 7, 2009 - 1:07am

Regular Board of Education Meeting

March 10, 2009

1. The regular meeting of the Hudson Board of Education was called to order by President Daniel Tjornehoj at approximately 6:30 pm in the Multi-Purpose Room, River Crest Elementary, 535 County Road F. Members present: Brian Bell, Cindy Crimmins, Tom Holland, Mark Kaisersatt, Lynn Robson, Daniel Tjornehoj, and Barbara Van Loenen. Administra-tors in attendance included Superintendent Mary Bowen-Eggebraaten, District Deputy Director Nancy Sweet, Director of Learning Services Sandra Kovatch, Director of Student Services Barbara Rebhuhn, and Director of Financial Services Tim Erickson.

2. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

3. Robson moved, with second by Van Loenen, to approve the Agenda. Motion passed on a voice vote.

4. Kaisersatt moved, with second by Bell, to approve the February 10, 2009 Regular and Closed Session Board of Education meeting minutes. Motion passed on a voice vote.

5a. Director of Student Services Barbara Rebhuhn introduced Andrew Brooks and his family. The Board recognized Andrew for receiving the Very Special Arts State Recognition award.

5b. Superintendent Bowen-Eggebraaten introduced Jonel McGee, Health Assistant at the Middle School. The Board recognized Jonel for her leadership during a medical emergency at the Middle School.

5c. Director of Learning Services Sandra Kovatch introduced Zachary Blum. The Board recognized Zachary for being named a National Merit Finalist.

6a. Superintendent Bowen-Eggebraaten reviewed a comparison of advanced placement (AP) course enrollments from Fall 2008 to February 2009 at the Hudson High School, which showed an increase of 33% as evidence of our students interest in rigorous coursework. She also noted 59 students have registered for the 2009-10 Project Lead the Way-Intro to Engineering Design course and 98 students have registered for the 2009-10 Mandarin Chinese course.

6b. Superintendent Bowen-Eggebraaten reviewed the kindergarten registration numbers by building for 2009-10. As of March 10, 2009, 384 kindergarten students were registered (E.P. Rock-66; Houlton-31; Hudson Prairie-85; North Hudson-42; River Crest-100; Willow River-60) with current boundaries prior to any boundary adjustment between E.P. Rock and River Crest.

7a. Superintendent Bowen-Eggebraaten, Associate Director Nancy Sweet, Director of Learning Services Sandra Kovatch and Associate Director of Learning Services Peg Shoemaker presented options for the River Crest and E.P. Rock boundary adjustment, which included: Option 1a: Adjust River Crest Boundaries; Option 1b: Adjust River Crest Boundaries with Grandfathering; Option 2: Enrollment Management Plan; and Option 3: Add Classroom to River Crest. The presentation included the details of each option, along with charts showing the impact of 4% growth at River Crest and E.P. Rock, and the primary advantages and disadvantages. Five citizens spoke to the Board. A Board discussion followed. Crimmins moved, with second by Robson, to approve Option 1a the Administrative Recommendation: Adjust River Crest Boundaries to assign Carriage Lane/West Red Cedar Canyon/East Red Cedar Canyon/ Lighthouse neighborhoods to E.P. Rock. New students after 3/10/09 from the adjusted area will attend Rock. Students from the adjusted area without preschool siblings may choose to attend either River Crest or Rock. Current River Crest students with preschool siblings will attend E.P. Rock starting in 2009-10. No future Boundary Exceptions will be granted to River Crest or E.P. Rock. Current River Crest Boundary Exceptions will expire at the end of 2008-09. Current E.P. Rock Boundary Exceptions may continue. All non-resident Open Enrollment applications to River Crest or E.P. Rock will be denied. Motion passed on a voice vote.

7b. Bell moved, with second by Van Loenen, to approve the 2009-10 teacher staffing additions/ reallocations as follows: Up to 3.0 FTE elementary classroom teachers; 1.0 FTE Middle School Language Arts Teacher through reallocation and transfer of an existing High School teaching position; 1.0 FTE Middle School Math Teacher. Motion passed on a voice vote.

7c. Bell moved, with second by Kaisersatt, to approve the following 2009-10 open enrollment applications: Students applying from other districts to come in to the Hudson School District (22 approved -14 denied). Hudson students applying to attend other districts (49 approved -7 denied). Motion approved on a voice vote.

7d. Bell moved, with second by Robson, to approve the consent items which included the personnel report; expenditures in the amount of $2,055,001.64; receipts in the amount of $15,540,133.73; payroll in the amount of $1,651,873.03; EFT/ACH payments in the amount of $878,488.43; and a Project Lead the Way Agreement with the national PLTW organization. Motion passed on a voice vote.

(Cindy Crimmins excused herself from the meeting.)

7e. District Deputy Director Nancy Sweet explained the terms of the agreement for a police school liaison officer that the City had previously approved and presented cost comparisons paid by other school districts for the services of a police school liaison officer. Sweet presented the administrative recommendation not to approve the City's agreement. Bell requested the issue be referred to Committee. City of Hudson Mayor Dean Knudsen spoke to the Board regarding the Police School Liaison Officer Agreement. Two citizens also spoke to the Board regarding this topic. A Board discussion followed. Kaisersatt moved, with second by Holland, not to approve the Police School Liaison Officer Agreement with the City of Hudson. Motion passed on a voice vote. The matter was referred to Committee.

(Cindy Crimmins rejoined the meeting.)

8a. Bell reported that on 2/23/09, the Finance Committee reviewed the Actuarial Study and OPEB contribution; were updated on the 2009-10 preliminary budget; reviewed the quarterly financial report; and discussed the police school liaison officer agreement.

8b. Kaisersatt reported that on 2/24/09, the Personnel & Negotiations Committee discussed the AESOP/substitute calling system; elementary common planning time; and reviewed the proposed 2009-10 staffing requests. A Closed Session was held pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes 19.85(1)(c) for the purpose of final notice of non-renewal of teacher(s); and (e) for the purpose of deliberating to prepare for negotiations with all union employee groups.

8c. Holland reported that on 2/25/09, the Facilities & Grounds Committee reviewed the High School air quality plan; were up-dated on capital improvement work and summer projects; and discussed the cost of adding classrooms to River Crest as an enrollment relief option.

9. One citizen spoke to the Board

10. Superintendent Bowen-Eggebraaten responded to the citizen's concern.

11. Robson moved, with second by Kaisersatt, to adjourn to Closed Session pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes 19.85(1)(b)(c), for the purpose of final consideration of non-renewal of employees. On a roll call vote, the Clerk recorded the following: Bell-yes; Crimmins-yes; Holland-yes; Kaisersatt-yes; Robson-yes; Tjornehoj-yes; Van Loenen-yes. Motion passed 7-0.

Tom Holland, Clerk