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HUDSON SCHOOL DISTRICT: 4/28/09 Special Board of Education Meeting Minutes

Thursday, May 21, 2009 - 1:34am

April 28, 2009


1. The Special Meeting of the Hudson Board of Education was called to order by President Tjornehoj at 6:00 pm in the Multipurpose Room of River Crest Elementary. Members present: Tom Holland, Mark Kaisersatt, Lynn Robson, Daniel Tjornehoj, and Barbara Van Loenen. Also in attendance: Superintendent Mary Bowen-Eggebraaten, Director of Financial Services Tim Erickson, Director of Student Services Barbara Rebhuhn, and Director of Learning Services Sandra Kovatch.

2. Robson moved, with second by Van Loenen, to approve the agenda. Motion passed on a voice vote.

(Cindy Crimmins arrived at 6:03 pm)

3. Erickson reviewed the administration's recommendation for use of the Federal Stimulus-American Recovery and Reinvestment Action (ARRA) dollars for 2009-10. He indicated the District's allocation of IDEA Federal Stimulus funds is $1,072,000 and projected carry-over from 2008-09 Part B funding is $165,000 for a total of $1,237,000 to be used to provide general fund budget relief in the areas of staffing, program, and operations for one year. Specific categories proposed for funding include: Special education supplies ($178,000), special education staffing ($210,000), special education program and operations ($320,000) and reduction of staff positions currently being considered for lay-off ($529,000). The estimated total cost of staff positions currently considered for lay-off is $683,000, less the Federal stimulus funds of $529,000, leaving a balance of $154,000 not funded. A Board discussion followed.

4. Holland moved, with second by Kaisersatt to convene to Closed Session pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes 19.85 (1)(b)(c) for the purpose of considering dismissal, employment, and compensation of employees On a roll call vote, the Clerk recorded the following: Crimmins-yes, Holland-yes, Kaisersatt-yes, Robson-yes, Tjornehoj-yes, Van Loenen-yes. Motion passed 6-0.


The Board considered dismissal, employment, and compensation of employees.

5. Crimmins moved, with second by Kaisersatt, to reconvene to Open Session. Motion passed on a voice vote.


6. Superintendent Bowen-Eggebraaten presented the administration's recommendation of staff positions for elimination or reduction, based on the Board's priorities of preserving the HSD System for Learning, HSD 2025 implementation, and operations to support these initiatives, safety/security, and excellence. The positions recommended included (not in priority order): Eliminate 1 elementary Media Specialist position ($65,000); reduce part-time custodial time ($45,000); eliminate .32 High School teaching position ($17,500) and reduce ASC secretarial time ($26,500) for a total reduction of $154,000. As part of the recommendation, all other positions previously considered for reduction or elimination at the March 10, 2009 Board meeting would remain as is for 2009-10. The recommendation balanced maintaining the priorities previously mentioned, minimizing staff reductions, and reducing budget impact for taxpayers. A Board discussion followed.

Van Loenen moved, with second by Crimmins, to reduce the list of staff positions under consideration for reduction or elimination to the following positions only as recommended by the administration: Eliminate 1 elementary Media Specialist position, reduce part-time custodial time, eliminate .32 High School teacher position, reduce ASC secretarial assistant time and direct the administration to distribute preliminary lay-off notices, as applicable. Motion passed on a voice vote.

7. Crimmins moved, with second by Robson, to adjourn. Motion passed on a voice vote.

Tom Holland, Clerk