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Thursday, June 11, 2009 - 1:12am

(Pub. June 11)


MAY 4, 2009

Meeting called to order by Mayor Dean Knudson in the Council Chambers of City Hall at 7:00 p.m. Mayor Knudson led those present in the Pledge of Allegiance.

PRESENT: Mayor Knudson and Alderpersons Randy Morrissette, Pam Brokaw, Lori Bernard, Lee Wyland, Scot O'Malley and Alan Burchill.

COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS FROM CITIZENS PRESENT: Devin Willi announced that Hudson has been selected to host the Peewee International Friendship Hockey Tournament in the summer of 2011. He stated approximately 300 skaters from around the world and their families would attend; a formal announcement is expected in June.

CONSENT AGENDA: MOTION by Morrissette, second by Brokaw to approve the following Consent Agenda items:

The Regular Meeting minutes of 4/20/09, Annual Organizational Meeting minutes of 4/21/09, and the Special Meeting Minutes of 4/27/09.

Claims for payment of $106,994.52 for payables and $194,442.14 for payroll, for a total of $301,436.66.

The updated job descriptions for Gardener and Lead Gardener positions, as submitted, and a 50-cent per hour pay adjustment for the Lead Gardener.

The payment of $208 for half the cost of an additional room-darkening shade for the Council Chambers.

Place on file the quarterly report of the Library Director, semi-annual report of the Community Development Director, and the Community Access Board minutes of 4/28/09, and the Board of Zoning Appeals minutes of 7/23/08.

Roll call vote, Ayes (6), MOTION CARRIED.

MOTION by Wyland, second by O'Malley, to conduct a first reading on Ordinance 7-09, to rezone properties at 653-661 Ban Tara Lane from R-1, One-family Residential District to RM-1, Multiple Family Residential District. All ayes (6), MOTION CARRIED.

Morrissette recused himself. MOTION by Wyland, second by Burchill to approve the issuance of regular Operator's Licenses for the period 5/5/09 to 6/30/10 to: Michael J. Kunz, 1122 Sommers St. N., Hudson, WI; Lindsey R. Perry, 1909 Industrial St. #2, Hudson, WI; Ryan A. Ploeger, 1910 Aspen Dr. Apt. 301, Hudson, WI; and Laura E. Speltz, 1441 143rd St. Apt. 153, Burnsville, MN.

And Regular Operator's Licenses for the period 5/5/09 to 6/30/11 to: Michael J. Anderson, 4790 Centerville Rd. #208, White Bear Lake, MN; Andrew J. Auge, 9486 71st Bay St., Cottage Grove, MN; Crystal R. Cadalbert, 708 Crosby Dr., Hudson, WI; Andrea R. Dolan, 210 St. Croix St., Hudson, WI; Danielle M. Fagan, 811 Jack Pine Court , Somerset, WI; Christopher G. Francis, 770 Crosby Dr., Hudson, WI; Bryan K. Hoovestol, 315 Oakridge Drive N., Hudson, WI; Brian K. Hoyt, 1235 Second St., Hudson, WI; Dianne K. Joachim, 1141 123rd Ave., New Richmond, WI; Brianne R. Kiefer, 441 Krattley Lane, Hudson, WI; Andrea L. King, 811 Vine St., Hudson, WI; Kyle E. McNamee, 528 Spruce Dr., Hudson, WI; Frank A. Mooth, 818 Tenth St., Hudson, WI; Melissa R. Nye, 1551 9th St. Circle SE, Forest Lake, MN; and Betsy M. Oehlke, 854 290th St., Woodville, WI. Ayes (5), MOTION CARRIED.

MOTION by Wyland, second by O'Malley, to accept the $53,579.54 DNR grant funds for improvements at Prospect Park. Ayes (5), Morrissette voted No. MOTION CARRIED.

MOTION by Burchill, second by Brokaw to adopt the Policy for Placing Memorials on Public Property dated 5/1/09, as presented by Attorney Munkittrick. Discussion was held concerning realistic and representational art work.

O'Malley requested the MOTION be AMENDED to include paragraphs D and E from his revised proposal. Paragraph D stated that memorials and monuments shall be in the form of plaques made of suitable durable material and which may contain writing or writing with artwork. Paragraph E noted that statues should depict the image or likeness of a person or persons who existed in real life and who influenced the City's cultural, social, economic, political and architectural history, or similar statuary representation of the founding groups of Hudson. Mayor Knudson called for a second to the amended motion three times; none was given. AMENDED MOTION FAILED for lack of a second.

Vote taken: Ayes (5); O'Malley voted No. MOTION CARRIED.

MOTION by O'Malley, second by Wyland, to refer request for placement of a statue in Lakefront Park to the Park Board. Discussion was held concerning whether the motion needed to include the scheduling of a public hearing; Mayor Knudson stated he could schedule a public hearing without it being part of the motion. All ayes (6), MOTION CARRIED.

MOTION by Morrissette, second by O'Malley, for a first reading of Ordinance No. 6-09, amending Municipal Code, Ch. 187-19, Sex Offender Residency. All ayes (6), MOTION CARRIED.

MOTION by O'Malley, second by Wyland, to suspend the rules toward adoption of Resolution No. 4-09. Ayes (4); Morrissette and Burchill voted No - MOTION CARRIED. MOTION by O'Malley, second by Brokaw to adopt RESOLUTION NO. 4-09, ADOPTING A FRAMEWORK OF SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY PRINCIPLES (Copy on file in Clerk's office). Vote taken: Ayes: Brokaw, Wyland, and O'Malley (3); Morrissette, Bernard and Burchill voted no. Mayor Knudson broke the tie and voted yes. MOTION CARRIED.

CLOSED SESSION PURSUANT TO §19.85(1)(E) WIS. STATS. TO DISCUSS LABOR UNION NEGOTIATIONS WITH TEAMSTERS UNION: MOTION by Bernard, second by Wyland to convene into Closed Session pursuant to §19.85(1)(e) Wis. Stats. to discuss labor union negotiations with the Teamsters Union. Roll call vote: all ayes (6), MOTION CARRIED AT 8:45 p.m.

MOTION by O'Malley, second by Burchill to adjourn. All ayes (6), MOTION CARRIED at 9:23 p.m.

Nancy J. Korson, City Clerk