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Is against health plan

Dear Editor,

I oppose nationalized health care in the form currently being rushed through Congress by the Democrats. The way the Senate bill is currently written, it will force private insurance companies out of business and everyone will have to enter the government plan.

If you want private health insurance, you will still be paying into the nationalized system, similar to paying taxes for public schools even if your children do not attend. Do you really want your health care managed by the same bureaucrats who bring you Amtrak, Medicare, Freddie Mac and the failed stimulus plan? I don't feel good about those prospects and neither should you.

Consider some facts. Of the 45,657,000 people who are actually uninsured, almost 10 million of them aren't even American citizens. Another 17 million earn more than $50,000 a year but choose not to purchase health insurance. The Democrats claim this new Obama-care will cover about 15 million people initially at a cost of $1 trillion. That works out to over $66,000 per person for insurance coverage. I suspect most of us could currently find medical insurance for less than that.  

Do these foolish officials not understand supply and demand?

If they increase the demand by adding to the entitlement rolls without increasing the amount of care available, the result is simple: rationing and long, potentially deadly waits for critical needs. How can Democrats expect to add millions of people to a medical entitlement program when our health care system is currently pushing capacity?

They do not address fixing the shortcomings of scarce resources and overcrowded emergency rooms. They only wish to seize more money from the taxpayers in order to pay for less. "Free" health care, like anything else carrying that misnomer, will be delivered on the backs of the middle class. That $2,000 test one might forego looks pretty appealing when it is "free."   

The solution is simply to remove all controls. America needs to recognize each citizen's right and responsibility to pay for his or her own health care. If we return to insurers the entrepreneurial freedom to come up with innovative products, we will have reformed health care without burdening our children's financial security. This certainly must be better than chasing windmills at $66,000 apiece.