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Appreciation, suggestions

Dear Editor,

Congratulations to city of Hudson's Parks and Public Works Department on significant improvements to areas in Lakefront Park. We encourage you to take time to observe the three areas we will highlight. They truly are blessings.

The final completion of the Lake Wall has two elevations of walking paths, new grass, dozens of trees, automatic watering system using lake water, and many benches and tables which combine to provide a beautiful improvement.

Viewing of this has been improved by the conversion of the obstructing hill just south of the Dike Road into a gentle slope with planted grass and three tree areas. This and other improvements nearby were covered on pages 13A and 1C of Sept. 3 Star-Observer on preparations for the McKenzie Scout Statue.

Just north of the beach house improvements have been made including removal of many wild brush elm trees, landscaping, and planting of grass and dozens of trees and bushes. This area is at Vine and First just across from the former NMC building.

We sat on a new bench by the path about 50 feet north of location of future Scout statue and looked toward the beautiful North Hudson bay, but nearly all we could see was an obscuring infestation of many wild brush elm trees. The lake edge for over a block north of Dike Road drops off very abruptly, and many wild brush elm trees and other small accidental trees have been allowed to take over the spaces between 12 majestic cottonwood trees. We suggest that the obscuring blight of wild trees, brush, and vines be carefully trimmed away by cutting these brush trees off below the level of the lake bank to open up beautiful views of North Hudson Harbor Bay and future Floating Geyser Fountains.

Enjoy Hudson's Lakefront Park and the walkways that extend north along the Lakefront of St. Croix River as far as River Street.