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Can reduce world hunger

Dear Editor,

The number of hungry people across the globe just surpassed 1 billion, for the first time ever. Forty million more people are hungry today than in 2007. Five million children die each year from malnutrition. And still, we are seriously behind in meeting the Millennium Development Goals to halve hunger and poverty by 2015. We are moving in the wrong direction.

On July 8 the G8 summit began in Italy. Hunger and malnutrition increased worldwide last year due to record food price increases, and so much of the G8 discussion promises to center on boosting agricultural investment in the developing world.

As a member of the global organization ONE, I have learned that growth in agriculture is twice as effective at reducing poverty compared to growth in other sectors. Not only do we need immediate food-aid, we must increase agricultural tools to help farmers provide for their local communities over the long term.

While world leaders promise to address the global crisis, our Senate must back America's own commitment to the hunger fight.

I encourage you to visit and sign the petition asking our Wisconsin senators to support full funding for the president's $1.36 billion request for global agricultural development.

With full support, we can set a powerful example for the rest of the world to address the causes and challenges of global hunger.