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Candidate criticizes Kind

Dear Editor,

Wednesday night I attended what was billed as a discussion with Ron Kind on agriculture and dairy issues. Many farmers dialed in to listen, ask questions and express frustration over controlling government initiatives that Kind supports. What they got was a lot of chest thumping about different ways Ron is further increasing government intrusion into their lives and a hard sell on the Healthcare and cap-n-trade bills.

It appears something happened to Ron when he was elected and went to Washington. He seems to think that we are merely the pawns to be controlled rather than the people he should be representing.

Ron has forgotten that the reason he was sent to Washington was to authentically represent us, as one of us. He has no ears for farmer's grievances. It is obvious that he arrives at these sessions with his mind already made up on the issues. It seems the only point is to make us think we are adding valuable input in a transparent attempt at just walking through the motions. Yep, posturing Ron really has us fooled alright.

Now that the global warming hoax has been revealed, Ron demonstrated in this teleconference, a shift away from it as the main argument for support of the cap-n-tax bill and toward an argument of it being a case of national security!

He votes against refinery construction and drilling in ANWR, but he's for energy independence based on national security so he needs to tax us more for energy. What? Now, to preserve our national security our energy taxes should go through the roof! Has Ron Kind no shame? What utter folly in this time of hardship for us all!

Let's face it Wisconsin, Ron fought against the troop surge in Iraq. He has voted and continues to vote unwisely; for the TARP bailout, stimulus bill, healthcare takeover, against energy independence, cap-n-tax, still believes in manmade global warming, wants the government to "help" farmers more. Just how many times can one congressman be so wrong? And yet he still will not listen to us.

It is time for Ron to step aside. He shouldn't even be running for re-election.

Mike Krsiean, Houlton

3rd District Congressional candidate (Libertarian Party)