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FEBRUARY 18, 2009

Meeting called to order by Mayor Dean Knudson in the Council Chambers of City Hall at 7:05 p.m.


PRESENT: Mayor Knudson and Alderpersons Randy Morrissette, Pam Brokaw

CONSENT AGENDA: MOTION by Morrissette, second by Wyland to approve the following Consent Agenda items:

The Public Hearing and Regular Meeting minutes of 2/2/09, and Closed Session minutes of 11/10/09.

Claims for payment of $308,124.73 for payables and $140,278.16 for payroll for a total of $448,402.89.

Issuance of a Temporary Class "B"/"Class B" Retailer's License to St. Patrick's Home & School Association sell beer and wine at the St. Patrick's School Gala 3/27-3/28, 2009 at 403 St. Croix Street, Hudson, WI.

Issuance of a Secondhand Jewelry Dealer's License to Julie A. Leek, 1202 Grandview Drive, d/b/a J.R. Haubrich at 210 Locust Street, Hudson, WI.

Issuance of a Mall/Flee Market License to Brian J. Bessler on behalf of the Abigail Page Antique Mall at 503 Second Street, Hudson, WI.

The use of Lakefront Park on Saturday, May 3, 2009 for the Monica Jensen Foundation race.

The request of Marine Max to use the Bandshell in Lakefront Park, in case of inclement weather, for the Aquapalooza event on Saturday, July 18, 2009.

The 2009 Concessions Agree-ment with the Hudson Softball Association to use the concessions building in Grandview Park from May 1 to October 31, 2009.

Place on file the quarterly reports of the Library Director, Police Chief, Assessor/Building Inspector, and Water Department.

Roll call vote, all ayes (6), MOTION CARRIED.

MOTION by O'Malley, second by Brokaw, to approve a Certificate of Compliance to Rivertown Motor-sports & Marine (Bill Prudhomme) for a small engine/motor repair business at 310 Second Street, with review in one year. All ayes (6), MOTION CARRIED.

Morrissette recused himself. MOTION by Wyland, second by Bernard, to approve the issuance of Regular Operator's Licenses for the period 2/19/09 to 6/30/10 to: Kevin R. Olson, 2481 70th Street, Eau Claire, WI and John W. Tully, 796 A County Road MM, River Falls, WI; and the issuance of Temporary Operator's Licenses to be used 3/27 to 3/28/09 at the St. Patrick's School Gala to: Lisa A. Dornfeld, 1151 Helen Street North, Hudson, WI and Lyla L. Omernik, 1708 Gray Fox Lane, Hudson, WI. Ayes (5), MOTION CARRIED.

MOTION by O'Malley, second by Wyland, for a first reading of Ordinance No. 3-09 (draft Option 2). It was noted that this would be the first sewer rate increase in six years, and would amount to approximately $5.00 per quarter for a residential size meter. All ayes (6), MOTION CARRIED.

MOTION by Morrissette, second by Wyland, to approve the Chain of Command amendment to the Police Department Policy Manual, (Chapter 19) as presented. All ayes (6), MOTION CARRIED.

MOTION by Morrissette, second by Wyland, to approve the agreement with the Hudson School District for a one year contract at a 60% / 40% split for the Police School Liaison Officer, to be reviewed again in one year. MOTION AMENDED by Morrissette, second by Wyland, to add that the School District should pay 75% of the PSLO in 2010 and subsequent years. Vote taken: Ayes: (3) Morrissette, Wyland and O'Malley; No: (3) Burchill, Bernard, and Brokaw. Mayor Knudson broke the tie and voted yes. MOTION CARRIED.

MOTION by O'Malley, second by Wyland, to recommend approval for Saint Croix Sailing School to lease a portion of Lakefront Park for a sailing school, for a period of three years, at $600 per year. MOTION AMENDED by O'Malley, second by Wyland, to include review after one year. Roll call vote: Ayes: O'Malley and Wyland (2); No: Morrissette, Burchill, Bernard and Brokaw (4). MOTION FAILED.

MOTION by O'Malley, second by Bernard to adjourn. All ayes (6). MOTION CARRIED at 8:17 p.m.

Nancy J. Korson, City Clerk