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CITY OF HUDSON: 5/5/14 Council Meeting Minutes

Monday, July 14, 2014 - 11:20pm

MAY 5, 2014 - MINUTES
Meeting called to order by Mayor Burchill in the Council Chambers of City Hall at 7:00 p.m.
PRESENT: Mayor Burchill and Alderpersons Randy Morrissette, Mary Yacoub, Tom McCormick, Jim Webber, John Hoggatt and Rich Vanselow.
CONSENT AGENDA ITEMS: MOTION by Yacoub, second by Hoggatt to approve the following consent agenda items:
The Regular and Closed Session Common Council meeting minutes of April 21, 2014, and the Special Meeting Minutes of April 28, 2014.
Payment of the following claims: $123,270.45 for payables and $193,817.82 for payroll for a total of $317,088.27.
Issuance of Regular Operator’s Licenses for the period May 6, 2014 to June 30, 2016 to: Erwin Utech, April Utech, Sharon Naumann, Aliza Alverson, Hannah Larson, Aaron Stanaway, Kimberly Johnson, Clinton Lagrander, Israel Neumann and Jennifer Elmore.
Issuance of one Temporary Operator’s License to be used at the Hudson Hockey Association event on May 10, 2014 for the Bean Bag Tournament to Dustin Danielson.
Approve the Class ”B” (beer) and “Class B” (wine) license for May 9, 2014 to May 12, 2014 for the Hudson Hockey Associations Bean Bag Tournament event on Saturday May 10, 2014 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.
Approve the Fireworks Paraphernalia Sales Permits for the sales dates of June 15, 2014 to July 7, 2014 (inclusive) contingent on attending the mandatory meeting to the Menards, Fleet Farm, Target, and Wal-Mart stores.
Place on file the City Clerk’s quarterly report and the Hudson/North Hudson Community Access Board minutes of April 22, 2014. Roll call vote taken. All ayes (6) MOTION CARRIED.
MOTION by Yacoub, second by Vanselow to approve (the development plans for a deck and patio at 601 2nd St.) based on the Plan Commission recommendation for a payment in lieu of off-street parking for $70,000. Ayes (5), noes (1-Webber) MOTION CARRIED.
MOTION by Morrissette, second by Yacoub to approve serving alcohol on the patio and deck of the Smilin’ Moose Lodge Bar & Grill (located at 601 2nd Street). All ayes (6) MOTION CARRIED.
MOTION by Yacoub, second by McCormick to approve all of the renewal applications (34) for the four types of liquor licenses, except the “Class B” liquor & “B” beer application from Hanson Brothers Golf Holdings LLC. Approved establishments:
Barker\'s Landing Inc./Dba: Barker\'s Bar & Grill; Wismin Hospitality, LLC/Dba: San Pedro Café; Double Diamond Ventures, Inc/Dba: Pier Five Hundred; Cuisine Enterprises, Inc./Dba: Winzer Stube; Dick’s Bar of Hudson, Inc./Dba: Dick\'s Bar & Grill; D & J\'s Of Hudson, Inc./ Dba: Hudson Bowling Center; Retsub, Inc./Dba: Hudson Grand Hotel; Apple Minnesota, LLC/Dba: Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar; Hudson Grill LLC/Dba: Smilin’ Moose Lodge Bar & Grill; Sharon Horne Ellstrom LLC owned by Sharon Horne Ellstrom/Dba: Ellies on Main; Badger Hospitality Inc./Dba: Green Mill – Hudson; Universal Hospitalities LLC./Dba: Agave Kitchen; The Nova of Hudson LLC/ Dba: The Nova of Hudson; Hudson Spirits LLC/Dba: Buffalo Wild Wings; Shanghai Hudson LLC/Dba: Shanghai Bistro; Russell Allan Evenson/Dba: The Postmark Grille; Fiesta Loca LLC/Dba: Fiesta Loca LLC; Trio Group LLC/Dba: Stone Tap.
Chicone\'s Liquor, Inc./Dba: Chicone\'s Liquor Mart; The Spirit Seller, Ltd/Dba: Spirit Sellers; MOBU LLC/Dba: Hudson Liquor; Historic Casanova Liquors LLC/Dba: Historic Casanova Liquors; Setter’s Liquor LLC Owned by Randolph Morrissette/Dba: Setter’s Liquor; SSG Corporation/Dba: Northland Liquor.
Northfield Restaurant Corporation/Dba: Pizza Hut; Chipotle Mexican Grill of Colorado LLC/Dba: Chipotle Mexican Grill #888; Barley’s Pizza & Pasta LLC/Dba: The Original Red’s Savoy Pizza; Michelle Lee Jacobsen/Dba: Carbone’s Downtown Pizza.
Bordenave Land Holdings LLC/Dba: Brick’s Neapolitan Pizza; C & L Pizza LLC/Dba: Dough Boys Pizza; RAGMA Inc./Dba: Key’s Café & Bakery; Timm La Dolce Vita, LLC/Dba: Urban Olive & Vine; Yilin Inc/Dba: Dragon Pearl Chinese Restaurant; The Noodle Shop, Co-Wisconsin Inc/Dba: Noodles & Company. Ayes (5-Morrissette was recused). MOTION CARRIED. Mayor Burchill stated a notice would be sent to Hanson Brothers Golf Holdings LLC and the City Attorney recommended adding the item to the next Council agenda.
MOTION by Hoggatt, second by Yacoub to approve the part-time City Engineer position. MOTION AMENDED by Hoggatt, and seconded by Yacoub to include establishing an hourly rate of pay at $65.00 per hour and approve hiring Tom Syfko as the Part-Time City Engineer for the City of Hudson. All ayes (6) MOTION CARRIED.
MOTION by Yacoub, second by Vanselow to approve the position description for the part-time Building Inspector/Zoning Inspector. All ayes (6) MOTION CARRIED.
MOTION by Yacoub, second by Hoggatt to approve the funding for the strobe light systems (for the two Public Works 1-ton Chassis trucks) from the Public Works equipment sale fund. All ayes (6) MOTION CARRIED.
MOTION by Yacoub, second by Hoggatt to adopt Ordinance 2-14 regarding Urban Forests. (Copy on file in the Clerk’s office and attached.) All ayes (6) MOTION CARRIED.
MOTION by Yacoub, second by Hoggatt to approve the Tree Planting Permit Application form. All ayes (6) MOTION CARRIED.
MOTION by Morrissette, second by Vanselow to approve the Request for Engineering Services and authorize the City Administrator to proceed with the recruitment process. All ayes (6) MOTION CARRIED.
ADJOURNMENT: MOTION by Yacoub, second by Hoggatt to adjourn the meeting. All ayes (6) MOTION CARRIED at 8:15 p.m.
Nancy J. Korson, City Clerk
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