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Concerned with 'czars'

Dear Editor,

Perhaps your readers might find it interesting to see an alphabetical listing of all the current czars presently in the Obama administration. They include: Afghanistan, AIDS, bailout, border, car, climate, counterterrorism, cybersecuity, domestic violence, drug, economic, energy and environment, finance, government performance, global warming, great lakes, green jobs, Guantanamo closure/military jails, health, homeland security, infotech, Iran, national intelligence, pay, regulatory, religion, science, Sudan, stimulus oversight, TARP, technology, trade, urban affairs and weapons of mass destruction.

Some I noted from TV, and the rest I found listed on the Internet. There appear to be 35 separate czars at the moment. I suppose there may be more in the offing, who knows?

All these so-called czars have names. All of them must have offices with staffs and budgets. None of these individuals are accountable to anyone except President Obama, who has appointed them. They have power to do certain things and are not accountable to Congress. Most of the people we have never heard of, and they have never been vetted or approved by Congress.

This is dangerous. It bypasses the Constitution with its protections of our freedoms. I suggest that people contact Rep. Ron Kind to voice their concerns.