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Disagrees with writer

Dear Editor,

Barbara Schultz' Nov.19 letter to the editor makes only one thing clear: Schultz is the one who should "feel anxious".

Schultz uses few of her own words in her letter about "sinners." Here are her words: "Homosexuals are not created by God, nor are they born into the practice. It is chosen, it is a sin." Her foolish and hateful personal opinion is carefully wrapped in an assortment of Bible verses that are intended to portray her as a sanctified Christian and to put her squarely on the side of truth and her church's religious teachings.

I am always intrigued by people who write letters to the editor and use Bible verses to back up their conservative points of view on any number of social issues. The Bible, after all, is a document that began with stories primitive people told around campfires.

Over thousands of years the stories were edited, translated, and changed to reflect the viewpoint of the day. Every generation has chosen to discard from relevance various exhortations and parables that obviously don't apply in the current world we inhabit. Unfortunately, people like Schultz and Mark Richardson, a small town pastor whose screed about homosexuality appeared in the Sept.10 Star-Observer -- on the hallowed religion page, feel free to cherry pick Bible verses and trot them out as "proof" of their claims.

In my world, God and Jesus are mythical creatures whose existence has never been proven. However, let's say there's a big guy called God out there someplace and he created every creature including all human beings, to be part of his grand plan. That includes all those people Schultz has determined are sinners.

At the top of her list are homosexuals. A growing body of current scientific research indicates that gay and lesbian people are born that way, just as the majority of us are born heterosexual. It's how we're wired, not a "lifestyle choice."