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Dislikes plan and Ron Kind

Dear Editor,

Now that the universal health care plan has been supported by our representative Ron Kind we can take a little peek as to what's in the 2,100 pages.

1. A $400 billion cut in Medicare. Either the state picks up the additional cost or the person who gets the insurance does.

2. Health care rationing due to the addition of 35 million new patients and no increase in doctors and nurses. This guarantees long waits similar to the Canadian health plan. It takes about seven years to train a new doctor.

3. A fine on the uninsured of 2.5 percent of income.

4. The likelihood of a $1,700 increase in the average family premium.

5. Taxation of medical devices such as pacemakers, wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs, hearing devices, etc.

6. Additional burden on the states from the increase in Medicaid eligibility.

7. A 40 percent tax on health insurance premiums on households earning more than $75,000 by the fifth year of the plan.

Nothing is done on tort reform which eats up billions of dollars in health costs. Wisconsin has corrected this with a $350,000 cap on pain and suffering.

For the past eight years, Ron Kind has been a liberal free-spending politician. Now, for the first time, his true colors are showing.