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Endorses disc golf

Dear Editor,

Like hundreds of people who played Willow Woods disc golf course at Willow River State Park, we regret the decision of the park manager to close it. It came as a bad surprise to many.

We feel it was a mistake to close it. A popular pastime is now history, and our park will lose revenue from the many golfers who bought park stickers. On the plus side WRSP did help to foster the growth of disc golf in our community. Over the past 11 years, the park managers allowed us to introduce disc golf to hundreds and hundreds of area residents. For hundreds, Willow Woods provided a chance to do something together outdoors, to get some fresh air and exercise, to try to improve our golf games, in short, to have low-cost, high-value fun together.

Disc golfers, the vast majority of whom were responsible, played responsibly and left the course cleaner than they found it. Willow Woods was a huge success which was ruined by a few bad apples.

For us the loss is especially painful. We worked hard getting that course in the ground: raising money to pay for the equipment, designing and installing the course, clearing brush and digging holes to "plant" the targets and signs.

Over the years, as the course became more and more popular, we and many others, worked hard to maintain and improve it. We put our blood, sweat and tears into Willow Woods. It hurts a lot to see it gone.

Disc golf is a great lifetime fitness sport. It can be played by anyone from school age to old age. It offers good exercise and good fun for a minimum investment. We need at least one course in Hudson. As much as we hate to see Willow Woods closed, we are determined to find a better location for an even better course in Hudson. In fact, we already have a possible location in Hudson for a new course next year.

Willow's targets are safely stored away for the winter. We intend to have them in the ground somewhere next year. We hope to use them as "seed" targets for more courses in western Wisconsin. If you have an idea for a new location, if you want to help install the new course, if you want to donate time, money or land to make a new Hudson disc golf course happen, please join us.

Joe Feidt, Hudson

Joel Skinner, Town of St. Joseph