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Former Democratic delegate campaigns for McCain

The former Hillary Clinton delegate from Racine County who said she'd rather vote for Republican John McCain than Barack Obama is making a national splash today (Tuesday).

Bartoshevich of Waterford was scheduled to appear at a news conference for McCain in Denver where the Democratic National Convention is getting underway.

She was interviewed this morning on a least one conservative Milwaukee radio talk show.

And she appears on a new 30-second ad for McCain, saying she respects McCain's "maverick and independent streak."

Bartoshevich said a lot of Democrats will vote for McCain and "It's OK - really."

A CNN poll says 27 percent of former Clinton supporters will back McCain.

In the ad, Bartoshevich still called herself a "proud Hillary Clinton Democrat," and she's supporting a Republican for the very first time.

She got into hot water when she told a newspaper reporter she'd rather vote for McCain than Obama.

Last month, the State Democratic Party removed her as a national convention delegate.

She told WTMJ's Charlie Sykes the party never wrote her about its decision and she learned about it from a reporter for the Racine Journal Times.