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Has campaign funding idea

Dear Editor,

I just read on the Web site information on the next gubernatorial race.

Scott Walker has raised roughly $1.1 million so far through June this year. Doyle raised about $900K during the same time period, but has over $2 million in the bank and he has not as yet declared he will seek a third term. Mark Todd reported raising about $6,000 and no report from Mark Neuman as he jumped into the race after the most recent reporting period ended.

Suggestion -- any candidate must declare their candidacy before raising $1 (they can always withdraw) and after the election (or withdrawal), all candidates (including elected person) must dispose of any residual funds within 90 days of the election or withdrawal -- refund or donate to charity (no carryover to the next election).

Walker bowed out in 2006 partially because of not raising enough campaign funds. Current laws give the incumbent an advantage due to carryover of the fund's "war chest."

This suggestion could be applied to state, local and national elections -- but I am not holding my breath on the implementation.