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Health care thoughts

Dear Editor,

As the debate on Health care reform grows and neither side can agree on what is best for America, I think we the people need to make sure that the powers that be really have our best interests in mind.

Let's face it some of our elected officials can lose sight of why and who they work for. Governor Blagojevich of Illinois thought he worked for Sothebys when he wanted to auction off Obama's still warm senate seat. Dick Nixon wanted to be a recording artist. So it's easy to see how the power and fame can lead people down the wrong road.

All we as a nation have to do to assure that the best health care plan gets passed is to insist on two simple amendments be added to whatever plan congress decides on. First, that all members of congress must read all plans submitted before being allowed to vote on the plan of their choice -- from the 1,900 plus page House proposal to the 800 plus page senate version. That alone could take some southern legislators out of contention.

Next, whatever plan is approved, that plan will also be the next health care package for Congress and all elected officials. Presently the U.S. Congress enjoys the best health care our money can buy. It would only seem fair that if it's good enough for me and you, it's good enough for those bottom feeders in Washington.

Speaking of Washington, Good News! They're going to bring our terrorists home. The detainees at Gitmo are finally coming to America. Looks like a vacant prison in Illinois will be their new home. Vacant prison in Illinois? That sounds as ridiculous as a dry county in Wisconsin.

Finally my personal thoughts on health care are simple -- I have no health so I don't care. Besides how many health issues can arrive from lying on the floor like a big white whale and watching Glen Beck. The 253 dollar social security burial benefit will cover the cost of the fork lift that Dick Gregory will need to remove my body when the time comes. The piano case, that's the counties' problem.