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IFLS official responds

Dear Editor,

I would like to take this opportunity to respond to the concerns expressed about the Hudson Area Joint Library report.

The report was requested by the Hudson Library Board and was intended to provide the library with guidance on ways to enhance services. One key recommendation of the report was the development of a long-range plan for library services and resource allocation.

A major concern was expressed about the square footage of the library. The figure used for the document was reported by the library to the state the past several years. The 8,139 square feet was incorrectly reported on the library's annual report and a revised number of 12,062 will be included in an amended report.

Projecting the space needs of a library is based upon an estimated population growth over a period of time, typically 20 years. The projected space needs cited by the Rohlf report as well as the current report provide a starting point for determining the space required based upon the services desired by the community.

With the formation of the joint library, the municipal population of the library becomes the combined population of all of the participating communities.

The population 27,380 used to develop the comparison is based upon the following population estimates from Wisconsin Department of Administration:

City of Hudson, 11,865; village of North Hudson, 3,700; town of Hudson, 7,931; town of St. Joseph, 3,884; total municipal population of the Hudson Area Joint Library, 27,380.

The population cited in the newspaper article reflects only the city of Hudson and discounts the residents of the other participating municipalities. The local support per capita cited in the report is based upon the 2007 municipal appropriation as cited in the Wisconsin Public Library Service Data.

A major role of a Library Board is to advocate for the resources that it feels are needed to support the library and its services. The information stated in the report should be viewed in its entirety for the full picture of the library needs. I stand by the recommendations stated in the report as well as the methods used for the comparisons.

John Thompson, Director

Indianhead Federated Library System

Eau Claire