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Keeps feds out of health care

Dear Editor,

In the clamor for federal takeover of our health care systems, some demand a "right" to health care. A hostile, federal takeover would not confer new rights -- instead it would take away our rights and choices and transfer them to bureaucrats in Washington.

We already have a right to health care. No different from other rights, such as freedom of religion. If the federal government were to take over our religious systems and then impose upon them all manner of regulation and restrictions, no one (except Marxists and other "progressives") would call it freedom of religion.

Rights belong to citizens to exercise, not the government. The preamble to the Bill of Rights, states " order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added." Amendments IV, IX and X are the restrictive clauses that prohibit the federal government from taking over our health care system.

The present problems in health care are the direct and indirect result of past federal meddling. Regardless of its final form, an unconstitutional federal takeover will be disastrous. If one is prone to complain about their health care, do it now while you still have a voice. Once you give away your inheritance, you lose any claim as to how it's spent.