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Letter: Against tar sands mining, Keystone pipeline

Dear Editor,

Among the many gifts left to us by the very wise Chief Seattle is his total respect for the earth and his recognition that we have an obligation to protect and to preserve this precious legacy left to us by those who came before. To that end, he wrote in his memoirs: "We do not own the earth; it is only on loan to us for future generations."

I cannot tell you how troubled I am about the current apparent disregard for the irreversible consequences incumbent upon giving Keystone XL the go-ahead with its proposal to mine tar sands and to then transport those tar sands--not to our country from Canada, but through our country -- in its pipelines.

It is a blatant non sequitur that on one hand we profess concern about climate change, while on the other hand we simultaneously give serious thought to investing in lending support to the dirtiest and most carbon-intensive of all fossil fuels.

I assume that each of our state and national leaders has a conscience. It's time that they use it by doing what is right for our state and for our nation by rejecting out-of-hand this ill-conceived and potentially devastating proposal to transport tar sands through pipelines between Canada and the Gulf of Mexico. Please contact your state and national senators and representatives and urge them to put an end to this mindless proposal.

Please also educate yourself; a good start might be to log onto these informative websites: and