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Letter: Appreciates homecoming

 Dear Editor, 

A sincere appreciation from the Homecoming Committee to the school system, students, city administration, police, and all community members.

Last Wednesday’s parade illustrated the very best example of all aspects of a community participating together in the annual homecoming parade.

We appreciated the Fire Dept and Mr. Gary Zappa for providing trucks and drivers to transport the 200 football players, which has been a tradition for the past 10 years. Appreciation goes to many people: the Color Guard who faithfully marched with the flags; the fathers who sit with their young children on the sidewalk and then stand, take off their hats and place their hands over their hearts as the flags go by; the band which arrives early for lineup to practice their marching songs; the city mayor

and village president for interacting with the youth; the high school groups who entered a unit in the parade; the Hudson Star Observer for pre and post coverage of Homecoming Week.

The Homecoming Committee begins meeting in April for the fall event and we are all very proud of Hudson’s commitment to this tradition.