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Letter: Appreciates 'small town'

Dear Editor;

To the people of Hudson: Thank you for being a small town. I have always had the privilege of living in small towns. I spoke with one of my brothers yesterday and I said to him, you know what? Every day I go out around town and every day I run into someone I know!

We say hi, how is your husband or wife, your significant other, your children, cats, dogs and other animals? We talk about everything and we get along.

When I said to my brother every day I go out and I run into someone I know. He said, Kathy, that is so wonderful! He said, you know here in the suburbs of the Twin Cities, I could go out for 20 years and not run into someone I know!

Sure, I stack the deck. I make connections with neighbors and friends across town. I support some local businesses that I would not want to go away.

The other day I was at Goodwill searching for jeans and turtlenecks. I smiled at a man from out of town and his mother. Big smiles all around and I started a conversation. I guess whatever you have to start a conversation, do it. Reach out. Whether you live in a small town or a big city, meet people every day. Take whatever opportunity you have.

I have three dear cats. I also love dogs.

Sometimes I will be sitting on my couch and I will see someone walking a dog down Vine Street and I will go out and meet that dog and his or her people.

The dog runs up my sidewalk, greets me and licks my face, rolls in my garden and sniffs my flowers. Dogs know a lot more about meeting people than people do. So I meet the dog's person or persons too.

I guess I just want to say again, we all need to meet people every day. And here in Hudson, we can do it easily. We have a great gift here in a small town.

My brother is thinking of moving to a small town. And of course, there are advantages to living in a big city -- the arts, sciences, education, universities, etc. We are fortunate to live not too far from the Twin Cities.

Hudson - thanks for being a small town where you can still run into a person you know.