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Letter: Appreciative of neighbors

Dear Editor,

A handful of weeks ago I embarked on a yard project with an unrealistic deadline. Don't many of us find that the actual time to complete a project far exceeds the original estimated completion time? Well my landscaping project was no exception. Excavation work was completed and the sod was on order to be delivered early afternoon.

In the meantime I was digging trenches in my yard with a friend's assistance to install an irrigation system within a few hours of the scheduled arrival of many pallets of sod. Even though I had the foresight to accept the offer of some family and friends to assist, the volume of work to be done on this day actually merited the skilled labor of a full landscaping crew. Nonetheless, I forged ahead on the project, installing irrigation tubing, backfilling trenches and grooming the soil for sod application.

Time began to pass by quickly and the sod arrived on schedule but I was far from being able to shift my focus to the task of rolling out sod. To my astonishment my labor pool began to gradually increase. One by one, neighborhood gents began to arrive donning their work clothes pitching in to help me with my project on Cherry Circle in North Hudson. These "miracle workers" as I called them helped me to complete the work by dusk! Without their assistance, I may not have completed the work by the end of the following day!

I can't express how appreciative I am for the generosity these great neighbors showed on that day! I've never submitted a letter to the editor, but I thought this would be a great story to share about the importance of doing good things for each other. Everyone is fulfilled when we help each other. Hudson is a great place to live and I'm proud to make this my lifelong community!