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Letter-Argues for county home

Dear Editor,

On Sept. 10, the County Board's Health and Human Services (HHS) Committee voted down a resolution to close the St. Croix County Nursing Home. Nevertheless another meeting is again scheduled to vote on the closing the home and the two other options which are replace the home or further reduce costs. The Sept. 20 meeting should only be considering the two not yet voted upon resolutions, to replace or to reduce costs.

The decision to reduce the number of beds to 50 to receive a lower bed assessment has only been in effect since June. It hasn't had been given a fair chance to work. And alarmingly, a number of resident applicants have been turned away. Projections at worst can be made to support desired outcomes, and at best are guesses. A beds-occupied projection has been made at 43. But a committee member said that recently it is closer to 48. A projection of 43 beds causes the home to show a projected operating loss. To be fair, a projection should be made after the 50 bed reduction has been in effect for a year which would be May 31, 2013.

Why do some supervisors on this committee continue to go against the intent of the voters who voted 2 to 1, two times to keep the county home open? Does not the voice of the people guide the actions of the supervisors they elected? Be informed, attend the Sept. 20 HHS committee meeting, 9 a.m., County Board Room, St. Croix County Building, Hudson.

Suzanne Van Mele, Hudson