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Letter: Backs Obama and Rhoades

Dear Editor,

Our government needs strong leadership, particularly at this time. We need elected officials who have fresh ideas, will work with both sides of the aisle and have the fire in their belly to see those ideas through.

I feel there are a lot of people out there seeking the same qualities, and as an independent voter, I will be supporting Barack Obama for president and Kitty Rhoades as our state representative.

Barack Obama brings fresh ideas and has renewed the enthusiasm our democracy hasn't seen in quite some time. His passion and ability to communicate his goals and his willingness to bring Democrats and Republicans together to seek solutions is what we need in the White House.

Kitty Rhoades has not only talked about bringing both sides together -- she's demonstrated it. It has been refreshing to have an elected official represent us who has understood that solutions aren't partisan and continuously reaches across the aisle and works with both Republicans and Democrats to get important work done for western Wisconsin.

Kitty Rhoades reached across the aisle to come to an agreement on the entire nearly $60 billion Wisconsin state budget. I am sure that was no easy task!

Our area has also benefited directly from Kitty Rhoades' bipartisan advocacy. By working with Republicans and Democrats, she was able to ensure the Technology Zone tax credit program and keep bringing jobs here to the St. Croix Valley. Kitty's fresh ideas, bipartisanship and energy is what we need down in Madison.

I ask all of those who are also independent-minded to join me this election in supporting Barack Obama and Kitty Rhoades this election.