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Letter: Beware of computer scam

Dear Editor,

A word of warning -- if you get any email from an outfit called "Antiviral Factory," thanking you for your purchase of some antivirus software, do not click on the download button. This is a scam outfit hosted in the Ukraine and they somehow get your bank account information and charge $49.95 - just under the $50 minimum for most signed disputes. By the time you get the email the money's out of your account.

As soon as I saw this email I knew I'd ordered nothing like this and avoided clicking on that download button. One guy didn't think, clicked on the "download" button in the email and he lost control of his computer, only to see the cursor moving over to, and quickly opening some of his files. He immediately pulled the plug on his computer and disconnected the phone cord.

Again, Antiviral Factory is a scam. Beware!